Pincode : 413207

Pin code of NIVDUNGAWADI is 413207. This location belongs to pin code of Chikhali post office situated in Beed district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : NIVDUNGAWADI

Post Office : Chikhali BO

Postal Code : 413207

Sub District : Bid

District : Beed

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 413207

Location District
Amalner Beed Beed
Chikhali Beed
Kotan Beed
Kuslamb Beed
Pimpalner Beed
Sawargaon Ghat Beed

Nearby local areas of NIVDUNGAWADI sharing pincode 413207

Area / Village Pin Code
HANUMANTGAON, P.O. Chikhali 413207
PANDHARWADI, P.O. Kotan 413207
SAKUNDWADI, P.O. Kotan 413207
SAWARGAON GHAT, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
UKHANDA PITTI, P.O. Sawargaon Ghat 413207
CHINCHOLI, P.O. Chikhali 413207
DAGACHIWADI, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
GANDHANWADI, P.O. Kotan 413207
KHANAPUR, P.O. Chikhali 413207
KOTAN, P.O. Kotan 413207
SUPPA, P.O. Kuslamb 413207
WAHALI, P.O. Sawargaon Ghat 413207
BHADKEL, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
GANDALWADI, P.O. Kuslamb 413207
MISALWADI, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
NIVDUNGAWADI, P.O. Chikhali 413207
BEDARWADI, P.O. Kuslamb 413207
CHIKHALI, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
DAULATWADI, P.O. Kotan 413207
GOMALWADA, P.O. Pimpalner 413207
PIMPALNER, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
SAWARGAON GHAT, P.O. Sawargaon Ghat 413207
AMALNER, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
LAMBHARWADI, P.O. Sawargaon Ghat 413207
NIVDUNGA, P.O. Chikhali 413207
SABLEWADI, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
SAWARGAON GHAT, P.O. Sawargaon Ghat 413207
HINGEWADI, P.O. Pimpalner 413207
KOTAN, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
KUSALAMB, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
MANDAVKHEL, P.O. Amalner Beed 413207
PIMPALNER, P.O. Pimpalner 413207

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