Pincode : 152122

Pin code of NIHAL KHERA is 152122. This location belongs to pin code of Nihal Khera post office situated in Firozpur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : NIHAL KHERA

Post Office : Nihal Khera SO

Postal Code : 152122

Sub District : Fazilka

District : Firozpur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 152122

Location District
Bazidpur Kattianwali Firozpur
Churiwala Dhanna Firozpur
Danger Khera Firozpur
Dharangwala Firozpur
Ghallu Firozpur
Jhummianwali Firozpur
Kohrianwali Firozpur
Muradwala Dal Singh Firozpur
Nihal Khera Firozpur
Roharian Wali Firozpur

Nearby local areas of NIHAL KHERA sharing pincode 152122

Area / Village Pin Code
JHUMIANWALI, P.O. Jhummianwali 152122
DANGAR KHERA, P.O. Danger Khera 152122
MURADWALA DALSINGH, P.O. Muradwala Dal Singh 152122
NIHAL KHERA, P.O. Nihal Khera 152122
ROHERIANWALI, P.O. Roharian Wali 152122
GHALLU, P.O. Ghallu 152122
CHUHRIWALA DHANA, P.O. Churiwala Dhanna 152122
BAZIDPUR KATIANWALI, P.O. Bazidpur Kattianwali 152122
DHARANGWALA, P.O. Dharangwala 152122
KOHARIANWALI, P.O. Kohrianwali 152122
PATTI TAJA, P.O. Dharangwala 152122

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