NELLUTLA Postal Code

Pincode : 506175

Pin code of NELLUTLA is 506175. This location belongs to pin code of Nellutla post office situated in Warangal district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : NELLUTLA

Post Office : Nellutla BO

Postal Code : 506175

Sub District : Lingalaghanpur

District : Warangal

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506175

Location District
Chitakodur Warangal
Gangupahad Warangal
Hanumanthapur Warangal
Jangaon Bazar Warangal
Marigadi Warangal
Narmetta Warangal
Nellutla Warangal
Peddapahad Warangal
Shamirpet Warangal
Vadlakonda Warangal
Yenkiryal Warangal
Yerragolla Pahad Warangal
Yeswantapur Warangal

Nearby local areas of NELLUTLA sharing pincode 506175

Area / Village Pin Code
CHOWDARAM, P.O. Chitakodur 506175
JANGAON, P.O. Jangaon Bazar 506175
PEDDAPAHAD, P.O. Peddapahad 506175
WADLAKONDA, P.O. Vadlakonda 506175
NARMETTA, P.O. Narmetta 506175
NELLUTLA, P.O. Nellutla 506175
VENKRIYALA, P.O. Yenkiryal 506175
GOPARAJPALLE, P.O. Peddapahad 506175
MARIGADI, P.O. Marigadi 506175
YERRAGOLLAPAHAD, P.O. Yerragolla Pahad 506175
GANGUPAHAD, P.O. Gangupahad 506175
SHAMIRPET, P.O. Shamirpet 506175
YESWANTHAPUR, P.O. Yeswantapur 506175
BOMMAKUR, P.O. Hanumanthapur 506175
CHEETAKODUR, P.O. Chitakodur 506175
HANMANTHPUR, P.O. Hanumanthapur 506175

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