SEMARSAL Postal Code

Pincode : 495330

Pin code of SEMARSAL is 495330. This location belongs to pin code of Semarsal post office situated in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh.

Village / Locality Name : SEMARSAL

Post Office : Semarsal BO

Postal Code : 495330

Sub District : Lormi

District : Bilaspur

State : Chhattisgarh

List of post office belong to postal code 495330

Location District State
Amora Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Barela Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Belsari Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Birgaon Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Dashrangpur Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Dhandhan Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Dhangaongosai Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Jarhagaon Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Jarondha Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Matsagra Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Padampur Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Pharhada Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Pura Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Rajpur Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Semarsal Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Siltara Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
Takhatpur Bilaspur Chhattisgarh

Nearby local areas of NAWAGAON sharing pincode 495330

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
AMLIKAPA, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
ARAIBAND, P.O. Jarondha Takhatpur 495330
BEL PAN, P.O. Matsagra Takhatpur 495330
CHITWAKAPA, P.O. Birgaon Mungeli 495330
FARHADA, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
KODPURI, P.O. Amora Mungeli 495330
KURANKAPA, P.O. Barela Mungeli 495330
MOTIMPUR, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
PIPARHATA, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
THAKURKAPA, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
AMANE, P.O. Matsagra Takhatpur 495330
BIJARAKAPA, P.O. Semarsal Lormi 495330
DHOTMA, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
GUNSARI, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
KARAN KAPA, P.O. Barela Takhatpur 495330
KAUHABANDHA, P.O. Semarsal Lormi 495330
KHAMHARIYA, P.O. Pharhada Takhatpur 495330
LIMHI, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
LOHADIA, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
LOHRAKAPA, P.O. Barela Mungeli 495330
NIPANIYA, P.O. Dhangaongosai Takhatpur 495330
PAKARIYA, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
PENDRI, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
PURA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
SIRSAHA, P.O. Matsagra Kota 495330
TIHULADIH, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
TINGIPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
BELSARI, P.O. Takhatpur Lormi 495330
BHATLI KHURD, P.O. Semarsal Mungeli 495330
BICHARPUR, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
DASHARANGPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
DHAWAIHABEL PAN, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
JARELI, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
PAKARIA, P.O. Dhandhan Mungeli 495330
PONDI, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
SOLHABELHA, P.O. Birgaon Mungeli 495330
TARKIDIH LARKIDIH, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
TIKRIPARA, P.O. Matsagra Kota 495330
AMOLI KAPA, P.O. Amora Takhatpur 495330
BARDULI, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
BELSARA, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
BHAKURRA NAVAPARA, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
BHATHARI, P.O. Barela Mungeli 495330
BUCHUAKAPA, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
DHANDHAN, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
JHAJHPURI KHURD, P.O. Semarsal Mungeli 495330
KHAPRI, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
KONA, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
KUNWA, P.O. Jarondha Takhatpur 495330
MATSAGRA, P.O. Matsagra Kota 495330
PENDARI, P.O. Jarhagaon Takhatpur 495330
PENDRIDIH, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
RAMPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
TIKRI, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
BARELA, P.O. Barela Takhatpur 495330
BIRGAON, P.O. Birgaon Mungeli 495330
CHULGHAT, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
DHANGAONGOSAI, P.O. Dhangaongosai Mungeli 495330
DHAVAIPURA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
KAMODA, P.O. Jarondha Takhatpur 495330
KATHMUNDA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
KHAMHIKURMI, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
KOSMA, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
KUSMULI, P.O. Matsagra Kota 495330
MODHE, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
NAWAGAON, P.O. Amora Takhatpur 495330
NIGARBAND, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
PARSA KAPA, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
PITHAMPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
PONGARIHA, P.O. Matsagra Takhatpur 495330
RAJPUR, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
SANWADABRA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
TAKHATPUR, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
TARAIGAON, P.O. Barela Mungeli 495330
UMARIYA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
BAHURTA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
BARAHI, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
BHILAI, P.O. Amora Mungeli 495330
BHUSANDI, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
CHORMA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
DAIJA, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
GHUNDUKAPA, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
KESHARUADIH, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
KHAMHARIYA, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
KODASAR, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
LATA, P.O. Amora Mungeli 495330
NAGOI, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
NOHARKAPA, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
PANCHBAHRA, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
TINGIPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Takhatpur 495330
TOTAKAPA, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
AMORA, P.O. Amora Mungeli 495330
BHATHALI, P.O. Semarsal Mungeli 495330
BHATLI KALA, P.O. Dhangaongosai Mungeli 495330
CHHATAUNA, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
DOMANPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Takhatpur 495330
JARAUNDHA, P.O. Jarondha Takhatpur 495330
KEKTI, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
KEWTADIH, P.O. Amora Mungeli 495330
KHAIRWAR, P.O. Dhangaongosai Mungeli 495330
KODAPURI, P.O. Amora Takhatpur 495330
LIDRI, P.O. Jarondha Takhatpur 495330
PIPARPARA, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
PURENA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
SILTARA, P.O. Siltara Takhatpur 495330
THAKRIKAPA, P.O. Barela Mungeli 495330
THAKURKAPA, P.O. Barela Takhatpur 495330
AMORA, P.O. Amora Takhatpur 495330
BIRGAHNI, P.O. Birgaon Mungeli 495330
CHHATAUNA, P.O. Jarhagaon Takhatpur 495330
CHHIRHA KAPA, P.O. Pura Takhatpur 495330
DHANGAON, P.O. Dhangaongosai Mungeli 495330
JARHAGAON, P.O. Jarhagaon Mungeli 495330
KARHI, P.O. Belsari Takhatpur 495330
KHAMHARIA, P.O. Pharhada Mungeli 495330
KHUDIYADIH, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
KISHANPUR, P.O. Dashrangpur Mungeli 495330
PADAMPUR, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
PANDARIYA, P.O. Dhandhan Takhatpur 495330
PHULWARI, P.O. Padampur Mungeli 495330
RAJA KAPA, P.O. Takhatpur Takhatpur 495330
SAMDIL, P.O. Rajpur Takhatpur 495330
SEMARCHUA, P.O. Semarsal Mungeli 495330
SEMARSAL, P.O. Semarsal Lormi 495330

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