NAGLA BABA Postal Code

Pincode : 206001

Pin code of NAGLA BABA is 206001. This location belongs to pin code of Heonra post office situated in Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : NAGLA BABA

Post Office : Heonra BO

Postal Code : 206001

Sub District : Saifai **

District : Etawah

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 206001

Location District
Ashok Nagar Etawah Etawah
Bajaria Etawah
Colleger Road Bharthana Etawah
Dhanua Etawah
Distt Board Etawah Etawah
Etawah City Etawah
Etawah Etawah
Etawah Kutchary Etawah
Etawah New City Etawah
Heonra Etawah
K K D C Etawah Etawah
Lalpura Etawah Etawah
Lavedi Etawah
Pratapner Etawah
Purana Bharthana Etawah
Satyawadi Etawah Etawah

Nearby local areas of NAGLA BABA sharing pincode 206001

Area / Village Pin Code
ACHHE LAL KA NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
BHARPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
FATEHPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA BABA CHHOTA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA BENI, P.O. Heonra 206001
CHHIMARA, P.O. Heonra 206001
JAWAHAR PURA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
KEWAL BADA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
KEWAL CHOTA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
MURAR MAU, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA BHAGAT, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA INDARJEET, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA JHADU, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA KHUBCHAND, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA LALLU, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA PANCHI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA PUL, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA RAM PHAL, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA SEU, P.O. Heonra 206001
SARAI BHOPAT, P.O. Pratapner 206001
ADDA MOTI LAL, P.O. Pratapner 206001
BIYARI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
DEVI PURA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
HEONRA, P.O. Heonra 206001
JAY LAL NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
KHARAGPEET KA NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
KHERA BUJURG, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA HARJU, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA KUSHAL, P.O. Lavedi 206001
NAGLA VICHU, P.O. Dhanua 206001
GAND SINGH KA NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
KHADRI, P.O. Heonra 206001
KHUSHALPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
LABEDI, P.O. Lavedi 206001
MADANPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGALA ANIYA, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA BABA, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA GADERIYAN, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA MADELA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA RATHORE, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA WARI, P.O. Heonra 206001
SARAIYA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
BANAMAI, P.O. Heonra 206001
BHAGAT KA NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
DERA BANJARA, P.O. Heonra 206001
DHANUA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
DHUBIYAI, P.O. Lavedi 206001
GANU KA NAGLA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
LACHWAI, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA JAGAN, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA LAYAK, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA MAHAJEET, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA PHATEH, P.O. Lavedi 206001
NARHAULI, P.O. Heonra 206001
PHULRAI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
PRATAPNER, P.O. Pratapner 206001
PREM NAGARIYA, P.O. Heonra 206001
VICHARPURA KOTHI, P.O. Pratapner 206001
ALAI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
BHIDRUA, P.O. Heonra 206001
BUTHAR, P.O. Pratapner 206001
GHANSHYAMPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
ISHWARPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA BABA BADA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA CHATURI, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA CHHAVINATH, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA DADI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA MAHUA, P.O. Heonra 206001
NAGLA TAL, P.O. Dhanua 206001
PADUA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
RAJA KA BAGH, P.O. Pratapner 206001
ABABKKARPUR, P.O. Lavedi 206001
DARSHANPUR, P.O. Lalpura Etawah 206001
DAYALPURA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
ETAWAH, P.O. Etawah 206001
HEONRA KOTHI, P.O. Heonra 206001
KANKALI PURA, P.O. Lavedi 206001
KARGOLI, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA ASHA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA DAMBA, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA HEERE, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA KHUSHALI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA KUNWARSEN, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA REUJA, P.O. Heonra 206001
TAKPURA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
BAHADURPUR, P.O. Heonra 206001
BAMHORA HUMAYOUNPUR, P.O. Colleger Road Bharthana 206001
CHOUGAN, P.O. Pratapner 206001
DHARMANGADPUR, P.O. Dhanua 206001
GOPIYAGANJ, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
HAR NARAYAN PURA, P.O. Lavedi 206001
HARCHANDPURA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
JAINPUR NAGAR, P.O. Pratapner 206001
KHUDAY GANJ, P.O. Lavedi 206001
NAGLA BHAGWANT, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA HULARI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA KEHARI, P.O. Dhanua 206001
NAGLA MAHAJEET, P.O. Pratapner 206001
NAGLA RURANTAM, P.O. Dhanua 206001
PURANA BHARTHANA, P.O. Purana Bharthana 206001
SARAY ASAR, P.O. Pratapner 206001
TODA, P.O. Pratapner 206001
VIKRAMPUR, P.O. Pratapner 206001

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