PULIKKAL Postal Code

Pincode : 673638

Pin code of PULIKKAL is 673638. This location belongs to pin code of Olavattur post office situated in Malappuram district of Kerala.

Village / Locality Name : PULIKKAL

Post Office : Olavattur BO

Postal Code : 673638

Sub District : Ernad

District : Malappuram

State : Kerala

List of post office belong to postal code 673638

Location District State
Arimbra Malappuram Kerala
Chirayil Malappuram Kerala
Karippur Malappuram Kerala
Kondotti Malappuram Kerala
Kumminiparamba Malappuram Kerala
Melangadi Malappuram Kerala
Muthuparamba Malappuram Kerala
Muthuvallur Malappuram Kerala
Nediyirippu Malappuram Kerala
Olavattur Malappuram Kerala
Peruvallur Malappuram Kerala
Thurakkal Malappuram Kerala

Nearby local areas of MUTHUVALLUR sharing pincode 673638

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KONDOTTY, P.O. Arimbra Ernad 673638
MORAYUR, P.O. Arimbra Ernad 673638
PALLIKKAL, P.O. Kumminiparamba Tirurangadi 673638
KONDOTTY, P.O. Thurakkal Ernad 673638
MUTHUVALLUR, P.O. Muthuvallur Ernad 673638
PALLIKKAL, P.O. Karippur Tirurangadi 673638
KONDOTTY, P.O. Kondotti Ernad 673638
MUTHUVALLUR, P.O. Muthuparamba Ernad 673638
NEDIYIRUPPU, P.O. Nediyirippu Ernad 673638
KONDOTTY, P.O. Melangadi Ernad 673638
NEDIYIRUPPU, P.O. Chirayil Ernad 673638
PERUVALLUR, P.O. Peruvallur Tirurangadi 673638
PULIKKAL, P.O. Olavattur Ernad 673638

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