Pincode : 801103

Pin code of MUSTAFAPUR is 801103. This location belongs to pin code of P Painathi post office situated in Patna district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : MUSTAFAPUR

Post Office : P Painathi BO

Postal Code : 801103

Sub District : Bihta

District : Patna

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 801103

Location District
A H Guard Patna
Amhara Patna
Anandpur Patna
Bahpura Patna
Bihta Patna Patna
D Simri Patna
Kanchanpur Patna
Katesar Patna
Kunjwan Patna
Musepur Patna
P Painathi Patna
Tara Nagar Patna

Nearby local areas of MUSTAFAPUR sharing pincode 801103

Area / Village Pin Code
AMINABAD, P.O. Katesar 801103
ANANDPUR, P.O. Anandpur 801103
BIHTA, P.O. Kanchanpur 801103
DUMRI, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
GOKHULPUR KURHAR, P.O. Musepur 801103
SIKANDARPUR, P.O. Katesar 801103
SIKANDARPUR, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
TARA NAGAR, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
BIHTA, P.O. A H Guard 801103
DEKULI, P.O. Musepur 801103
MUSTAFAPUR, P.O. P Painathi 801103
PALI, P.O. Kunjwan 801103
PATSA, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
BANWARIPUR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
CHAUKI, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
HASAN CHAK, P.O. Anandpur 801103
MATHURA PUR, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
MODAHI, P.O. Katesar 801103
NAGWAN, P.O. Bahpura 801103
SIRIRAMPUR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
TARVAN, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
ALHANPURA, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
BILAP, P.O. Kunjwan 801103
BISHAMBHARPUR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
PAKRI, P.O. Kanchanpur 801103
AMAHRA, P.O. Amhara 801103
BIHTA, P.O. D Simri 801103
BAHPURA, P.O. Bahpura 801103
KHEDARPURA, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
KUTLUPUR, P.O. Bahpura 801103
MUSTAFAPUR, P.O. Katesar 801103
RAMPUR ISMAIL, P.O. P Painathi 801103
SIKARIA, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
BIHTA, P.O. Amhara 801103
BIHTA, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
DEALPUR DAULAT, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
DILAWARPUR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
KUJAWAN, P.O. Kunjwan 801103
MAHADEOPUR PHULARI, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
MUNSEPUR, P.O. Musepur 801103
BEDAULI, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
DALELGANJ, P.O. Tara Nagar 801103
KATESAR, P.O. Katesar 801103
RAGHOPUR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103
RAMBAD, P.O. Kanchanpur 801103
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Bihta Patna 801103

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