Pincode : 505301

Pin code of MUSHTIPALLE is 505301. This location belongs to pin code of Bonala post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : MUSHTIPALLE

Post Office : Bonala BO

Postal Code : 505301

Sub District : Sircilla

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505301

Location District State
Bonala Karimnagar Telangana
Chandrampet Karimnagar Telangana
Dharmaram Karimnagar Telangana
Gandhichowk Srisilla Karimnagar Telangana
Kanagarthi Karimnagar Telangana
Katkur Karimnagar Telangana
Kolanur Karimnagar Telangana
Konaraopet Karimnagar Telangana
Malakpet Karimnagar Telangana
Mamidipalli Karimnagar Telangana
Marthanpet Karimnagar Telangana
Nagaram Karimnagar Telangana
Nimmapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Nizamabad Karimnagar Telangana
Peddur Karimnagar Telangana
Sirsilla Karimnagar Telangana
Venkatrapur Karimnagar Telangana
Venkatropet Karimnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of MUSHTIPALLE sharing pincode 505301

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KASBEKATKUR, P.O. Katkur Sircilla 505301
KOLANUR, P.O. Kolanur Konaraopeta 505301
SRIRAMULAPALLI, P.O. Mamidipalli Konaraopeta 505301
TUKKARAOPALLI, P.O. Peddur Sircilla 505301
VENKATAPURAM, P.O. Venkatrapur Yellareddipet 505301
KANAGARTHI, P.O. Kanagarthi Konaraopeta 505301
MUSHTIPALLE, P.O. Bonala Sircilla 505301
NIMMAPALLE, P.O. Nimmapalli Konaraopeta 505301
IACHPALLI, P.O. Nimmapalli Konaraopeta 505301
KONARAOPET, P.O. Konaraopet Konaraopeta 505301
LACHCHAPETA, P.O. Katkur Konaraopeta 505301
SIRCILLA RURAL, P.O. Chandrampet Sircilla 505301
JAGGARAOPALLI, P.O. Peddur Sircilla 505301
MALKAPET, P.O. Malakpet Konaraopeta 505301
PEDDUR, P.O. Peddur Sircilla 505301
RAMANNAPET, P.O. Nagaram Konaraopeta 505301
REGUNTA, P.O. Venkatropet Metpalle 505301
SIRCILLA, P.O. Sirsilla Sircilla 505301
SIRCILLA RURAL, P.O. Sirsilla Sircilla 505301
VENKATRAOPETA, P.O. Venkatropet Konaraopeta 505301
VENUGOPALPUR, P.O. Katkur Sircilla 505301
MAMIDIPALLE, P.O. Mamidipalli Konaraopeta 505301
NAGARAM, P.O. Nagaram Konaraopeta 505301
NIZAMABAD, P.O. Nizamabad Konaraopeta 505301
PEDDABONALA, P.O. Bonala Sircilla 505301
SARDAPUR, P.O. Peddur Sircilla 505301
MARTHANPET, P.O. Marthanpet Konaraopeta 505301
VATTIMALLA, P.O. Nimmapalli Konaraopeta 505301
BONALA, P.O. Bonala Sircilla 505301
EKLASPUR, P.O. Konaraopet Konaraopeta 505301
GANDILACHACHAPET, P.O. Katkur Sircilla 505301
KONDAPURAM PR, P.O. Venkatropet Konaraopeta 505301
RAGUDU, P.O. Chandrampet Sircilla 505301
SIRCILLA, P.O. Gandhichowk Srisilla Sircilla 505301
SIVANGALAPALLE, P.O. Konaraopet Konaraopeta 505301
DHARMARAM, P.O. Dharmaram Konaraopeta 505301
POTHAREDDIPALLE, P.O. Venkatrapur Yellareddipet 505301

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