Pincode : 143525

Pin code of MUKAND CHAK is 143525. This location belongs to pin code of Marara post office situated in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : MUKAND CHAK

Post Office : Marara SO

Postal Code : 143525

Sub District : Pathankot

District : Gurdaspur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 143525

Location District State
Bharial Gurdaspur Punjab
Habit Pindi e Gurdaspur Punjab
Jhabkra Gurdaspur Punjab
Marara Gurdaspur Punjab

Nearby local areas of MUKAND CHAK sharing pincode 143525

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ADALATGARH, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
CHACK RAM SAHAI, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
DOBURJI, P.O. Marara Gurdaspur 143525
JAINPUR, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
MAMI CHAK RANGA, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
RAJI, P.O. Habit Pindi e Pathankot 143525
SHEIKHU CHAK, P.O. Habit Pindi e Pathankot 143525
AIMA, P.O. Marara Gurdaspur 143525
JHABKRA, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
LASSIAN, P.O. Bharial Pathankot 143525
RAJPUR CHIB, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
SAHARANPUR, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
FARIDPUR, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
GANDE PINDI, P.O. Habit Pindi e Pathankot 143525
JAGOCHAK TANDA, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
NIKKA, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
OGRA, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
TASS, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
THATHI, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
BHARIAL, P.O. Bharial Pathankot 143525
CHITTI, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
FOCAL POINT, P.O. Habit Pindi e Pathankot 143525
KAHNA, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
TOORBANI, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
CHELA CHAK, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
BALLAWAR, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
BHARIAL, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
JOGAR, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
KAJLEY, P.O. Bharial Pathankot 143525
MARARA, P.O. Marara Gurdaspur 143525
ZAINPUR KUKKAR, P.O. Jhabkra Pathankot 143525
HAIBAT PINDI, P.O. Habit Pindi e Pathankot 143525
JOGAR, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
KUKKAR, P.O. Bharial Gurdaspur 143525
MAKAURA, P.O. Jhabkra Gurdaspur 143525
MUKAND CHAK, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525
TAHARPUR, P.O. Marara Pathankot 143525

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