MUDDAPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 508112

Pin code of MUDDAPUR is 508112. This location belongs to pin code of Chittapur post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : MUDDAPUR

Post Office : Chittapur BO

Postal Code : 508112

Sub District : Valigonda

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508112

Location District State
Arroor Nalgonda Telangana
Chittapur Nalgonda Telangana
Edullaguda Nalgonda Telangana
Goparajupally Nalgonda Telangana
M Turkapally Nalgonda Telangana
Mogilipaka Nalgonda Telangana
Nagaram Nalgonda Telangana
Peddatoor Nalgonda Telangana
Sunkisala Nalgonda Telangana
Tummalaguda Nalgonda Telangana
Valigonda Nalgonda Telangana
Velwarthy Nalgonda Telangana
Vemulakonda Nalgonda Telangana

Nearby local areas of MUDDAPUR sharing pincode 508112

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
GOPARAJ PALLE, P.O. Goparajupally Valigonda 508112
M TURKAPALLE, P.O. M Turkapally M.Turkapalle 508112
VELVERTHY, P.O. Velwarthy Valigonda 508112
VEMALKONDA, P.O. Vemulakonda Valigonda 508112
VERKAT PALLE, P.O. Arroor Valigonda 508112
GURNATH PALLE, P.O. Valigonda Valigonda 508112
THUMMALAGUDA, P.O. Tummalaguda Ramannapeta 508112
CHITTAPUR, P.O. Chittapur Valigonda 508112
NEMILI KALAWA, P.O. Nagaram Valigonda 508112
PODDATUR, P.O. Peddatoor Valigonda 508112
LOTHUKUNTA, P.O. Nagaram Valigonda 508112
MUDDAPUR, P.O. Chittapur Valigonda 508112
VALIGONDA, P.O. Valigonda Valigonda 508112
ARRUR, P.O. Arroor Valigonda 508112
JANGAREDDYPALLY, P.O. Arroor Valigonda 508112
NAGARAM, P.O. Nagaram Valigonda 508112
VALIGONDA, P.O. Edullaguda Valigonda 508112
APPIREDDYPALLY, P.O. Arroor Valigonda 508112
MUNAGALA, P.O. Valigonda Valigonda 508112
GANGAPUR, P.O. Arroor Valigonda 508112
KASHAMMA KUNTA, P.O. Mogilipaka Valigonda 508112
MALKA PURAM, P.O. M Turkapally M.Turkapalle 508112
MALLE PALLE, P.O. Valigonda Valigonda 508112
VENKATAPUR, P.O. Vemulakonda Valigonda 508112
GOLNE PALLE, P.O. Nagaram Valigonda 508112
MANNEVARI TURKAPALLE, P.O. M Turkapally M.Turkapalle 508112
MOGILIPAKA, P.O. Mogilipaka Valigonda 508112
SUNKISHALA, P.O. Sunkisala Valigonda 508112

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