Pincode : 503144

Pin code of MOSHAMPUR is 503144. This location belongs to pin code of Moshampur post office situated in Nizamabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : MOSHAMPUR

Post Office : Moshampur BO

Postal Code : 503144

Sub District : Sadasivanagar

District : Nizamabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 503144

Location District State
Annaram Nizamabad Telangana
Esaipet Nizamabad Telangana
Gargul Nizamabad Telangana
Gidda Nizamabad Telangana
Isrojiwadi Nizamabad Telangana
Maddikunta Nizamabad Telangana
Moshampur Nizamabad Telangana
Posanipet Nizamabad Telangana
Ramareddy Nizamabad Telangana
Reddypet Nizamabad Telangana
Somarampet Nizamabad Telangana
Uppalwai Nizamabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of MOSHAMPUR sharing pincode 503144

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
GARGUL, P.O. Gargul Kamareddy 503144
RAMAREDDY, P.O. Ramareddy Sadasivanagar 503144
RANGAMPET, P.O. Moshampur Sadasivanagar 503144
UPPALWAI, P.O. Uppalwai Sadasivanagar 503144
ANNARAM, P.O. Annaram Machareddy 503144
ISROJIWADI, P.O. Isrojiwadi Kamareddy 503144
ISSAIPET, P.O. Esaipet Machareddy 503144
TADKAPALLE, P.O. Annaram Machareddy 503144
AKKAPUR, P.O. Esaipet Machareddy 503144
GIDDA, P.O. Gidda Sadasivanagar 503144
MADDIKUNTA, P.O. Maddikunta Machareddy 503144
POSANIPET, P.O. Posanipet Sadasivanagar 503144
ISSANNAPALLE, P.O. Ramareddy Sadasivanagar 503144
MOSHAMPUR, P.O. Moshampur Sadasivanagar 503144
REDDIPET, P.O. Reddypet Machareddy 503144
RAJKHANPET, P.O. Annaram Machareddy 503144
KANNAPUR, P.O. Gargul Sadasivanagar 503144
SINGRAIPALLE, P.O. Esaipet Machareddy 503144
SOMARAMPET, P.O. Somarampet Machareddy 503144
POTARAM, P.O. Esaipet Machareddy 503144
RADHAIPALLE, P.O. Gidda Sadasivanagar 503144
YELLAMPET, P.O. Annaram Machareddy 503144
ANTAMPALLE, P.O. Esaipet Machareddy 503144
GHANPUR R, P.O. Reddypet Machareddy 503144
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Ramareddy Sadasivanagar 503144

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