MOHLAN Postal Code

Pincode : 151210

Pin code of MOHLAN is 151210. This location belongs to pin code of Mohlan post office situated in Muktsar district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : MOHLAN

Post Office : Mohlan BO

Postal Code : 151210

Sub District : Malout

District : Muktsar

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 151210

Location District State
Alamwala Muktsar Punjab
Aspal Muktsar Punjab
Bodi Wala Muktsar Punjab
Kabar Wala Muktsar Punjab
Karampatti Muktsar Punjab
Kattianwali Muktsar Punjab
Midda Muktsar Punjab
Mohlan Muktsar Punjab
Pakki Muktsar Punjab
Panni Wala Fatta Muktsar Punjab
Rani Wala Muktsar Punjab
Ratta Khera Muktsar Punjab
Ratta Tibba Muktsar Punjab
Sarawan Bodla Muktsar Punjab
Urang Muktsar Punjab

Nearby local areas of MOHLAN sharing pincode 151210

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
PATTI KARAM, P.O. Karampatti Malout 151210
SARAWAN, P.O. Sarawan Bodla Malout 151210
URANG, P.O. Urang Malout 151210
KABARWALA, P.O. Kabar Wala Malout 151210
KATIANWALI, P.O. Kattianwali Malout 151210
PAKKI TIBBI, P.O. Pakki Malout 151210
RANIWALA, P.O. Rani Wala Malout 151210
RATTA TIBBA, P.O. Ratta Tibba Malout 151210
ALAMWALA, P.O. Alamwala Malout 151210
PANIWALA FATTA, P.O. Panni Wala Fatta Malout 151210
RATTA KHERA, P.O. Ratta Khera Malout 151210
ASPAL, P.O. Aspal Malout 151210
BODIWALA KHARAK SINGH, P.O. Bodi Wala Malout 151210
MIDDA, P.O. Midda Malout 151210
MOHLAN, P.O. Mohlan Malout 151210
SHERGARH, P.O. Bodi Wala Malout 151210

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