MOHANPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 206246

Pin code of MOHANPUR is 206246. This location belongs to pin code of Binpurapur post office situated in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : MOHANPUR

Post Office : Binpurapur BO

Postal Code : 206246

Sub District : Bidhuna

District : Auraiya

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 206246

Location District State
Belhupur Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Binpurapur Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Dahgaon Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Kanchausi Bazar Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Kanhausi Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Lahrapur Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Madhwapur Auraiya Uttar Pradesh
Navgawan Auraiya Uttar Pradesh

Nearby local areas of MOHANPUR sharing pincode 206246

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ADHAR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
GHASAR PURWA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
JAMAULI, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
KAMAL PUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
LAHARAPUR, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
MURALI PURWA, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
NIWADA, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
PARSU, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
PURWA LAKHNI, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
SIKHOO, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
THIKIYAPUR, P.O. Kanhausi Bidhuna 206246
AMOAHAR, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
BHAGGA KA PURWA, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
BINPURAPUR, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
CHAMARAUA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
DAHGAON, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
DERA JOGI, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
HAVILIYA, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
KUSHAL KA PURWA, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
MADAIYA, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
MADHAWAPUR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
MARNAI, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
MOHANPUR, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
MUCHAHA, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
NAGLA CHAMRAUA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
PURWA MANDHATA, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
PURWA SABSUKH, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
USRARI, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
BABINA, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
BHUNIYAPUR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
BIRIYA, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
DIDWA, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
GADEWA, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
HARTAULI, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
ITAHA, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
KARONDHA ADDA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
MUDRIYA, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
MUGRIHA, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
NAUGAWAN, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
RAM NAGAR, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
SHAHPUR, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
USARARI, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
AMAR PUR, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
CHANDPURA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
DOHI, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
DURGA ADDA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
GAJIPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
GAURI GANGA PRASAD, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
KAMALPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
LAXMANPUR, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
MAINPUTH, P.O. Binpurapur Auraiya 206246
SARVODAY NAGAR, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
BALBANTPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
DEVI GANJ, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
FATETAPUR, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
HIRA NAGAR, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
JHABRA KALAN, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
LACHHIYA MAU, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
NAVI MOHAN, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
PARSAD KA PURWA, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
PULANDPUR, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
PURWA CHITKAI, P.O. Binpurapur Bidhuna 206246
REDA, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
BELHUPUR, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
BHITARA GAON, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
DHIRPUR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
JAMAULI ADDA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
KANCHAUSI, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
KISHANPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
MUGRIHA KHURD, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
NAGLA YADAV, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
ANGANU PURWA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
BAHAHA, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
BHIKHANI PURWA, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
BIHARIPUR, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
KARCHALA, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
MADARAKHAPUR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
PRATAPPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
PURWA VIJAI, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
ROSHANPUR, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
SAIDPUR, P.O. Kanchausi Bazar Bharthana 206246
SOHAN PUR, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
AJAB PURWA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
BINPURAPUR, P.O. Kanchausi Bazar Auraiya 206246
DAS PURWA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
DIVARI, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
GALUAPUR, P.O. Dahgaon Auraiya 206246
GANGA RAM ADDA, P.O. Kanhausi Auraiya 206246
JHABRA KHURD, P.O. Lahrapur Bidhuna 206246
KANCHAUSI, P.O. Kanchausi Bazar Auraiya 206246
KANMAU, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246
PEETAMPUR, P.O. Belhupur Bidhuna 206246
RANJEET PUR, P.O. Madhwapur Bidhuna 206246
SUNDER PUR, P.O. Navgawan Bidhuna 206246

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