Pincode : 465339

Pin code of MOHAMMADPUR MACHHNAI is 465339. This location belongs to pin code of Mohammadpur Machnai post office situated in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : MOHAMMADPUR MACHHNAI

Post Office : Mohammadpur Machnai BO

Postal Code : 465339

Sub District : Kalapipal

District : Shajapur

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 465339

Location District
Bhaisaygarh Shajapur
Khardonkala Shajapur
Khardonkhurd Shajapur
Khokra Kalan Shajapur
Mohammadpur Machnai Shajapur
Semliya Shajapur

Nearby local areas of MOHAMMADPUR MACHHNAI sharing pincode 465339

Area / Village Pin Code
MOHAMMADPUR MACHHNAI, P.O. Mohammadpur Machnai 465339
BHAISAYA GADHA, P.O. Bhaisaygarh 465339
KHARDON KALAN, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
KOHADA, P.O. Bhaisaygarh 465339
LASUDALYA PATLA, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
SHEKHPUR BONGI, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
BAPCHA, P.O. Mohammadpur Machnai 465339
KHARDON KHURD, P.O. Khardonkhurd 465339
RAGHOKHEDI, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
KHER KHEDI, P.O. Khardonkhurd 465339
KHOKARA KALAN, P.O. Khokra Kalan 465339
PARDA KHEDI, P.O. Semliya 465339
SEMLIYA, P.O. Semliya 465339
GALBI, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
GANESHPUR, P.O. Khardonkala 465339
KOHADI, P.O. Bhaisaygarh 465339
BAKAYAN, P.O. Khardonkhurd 465339

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