MISIA Postal Code

Pincode : 811104

Pin code of MISIA is 811104. This location belongs to pin code of Husaina post office situated in Nalanda district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : MISIA

Post Office : Husaina BO

Postal Code : 811104

Sub District : Sarmera

District : Nalanda

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 811104

Location District State
Chero Nalanda Bihar
Gopalbad Nalanda Bihar
Husaina Nalanda Bihar
Karkain Patna Bihar
Mirnagar Nalanda Bihar
Pyarepur Nalanda Bihar
Ramnathpur Nalanda Bihar
Sahari Nalanda Bihar
Sarmera Nalanda Bihar

Nearby local areas of MISIA sharing pincode 811104

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KUTRA, P.O. Gopalbad Sarmera 811104
SAHRI, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
BARHIA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
CHERO, P.O. Chero Sarmera 811104
MOHANPUR, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
GHOSWARI, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
SADHA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
DHANAWAN, P.O. Gopalbad Sarmera 811104
GORHIARI, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
ISUA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
CHAK LODI, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
MISIA, P.O. Husaina Sarmera 811104
MUSAHRI, P.O. Gopalbad Sarmera 811104
SARMERA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
SHAHARI, P.O. Sahari Sarmera 811104
SONDIHA, P.O. Ramnathpur Sarmera 811104
DAUDPUR TIRMOHANI, P.O. Karkain Ghoswari 811104
HUSENA, P.O. Husaina Sarmera 811104
MIRNAGAR, P.O. Mirnagar Sarmera 811104
MURTAZA CHAK, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
NAUARUP, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
PARNAWAN, P.O. Gopalbad Sarmera 811104
SARMERA, P.O. Pyarepur Sarmera 811104
SEKHRA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
TORA, P.O. Sarmera Sarmera 811104
BALLOPURPEAREPUR, P.O. Pyarepur Sarmera 811104

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