MIRZAPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 854312

Pin code of MIRZAPUR is 854312. This location belongs to pin code of Mirzapur post office situated in Araria district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : MIRZAPUR

Post Office : Mirzapur BO

Postal Code : 854312

Sub District : Raniganj

District : Araria

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 854312

Location District State
Araria RS Araria Bihar
Bangama Araria Bihar
Basaity Araria Bihar
Baunsi Araria Bihar
Chandardai Araria Bihar
Chatiuna Araria Bihar
Gidwas Araria Bihar
Gunwanti Araria Bihar
Hansa Araria Bihar
Kamaldaha Araria Bihar
Karankia Araria Bihar
Mahsail Araria Bihar
Majhua Araria Bihar
Mirzapur Araria Bihar
Mohani Araria Bihar
Pahsara Araria Bihar
Parmanandpur Araria Bihar
Rajokhar Araria Bihar
Rampur Araria Bihar
Tamghatti Araria Bihar

Nearby local areas of MIRZAPUR sharing pincode 854312

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BARHEPARA, P.O. Pahsara Raniganj 854312
BASAITY, P.O. Basaity Araria 854312
BHAWANI NAGAR, P.O. Baunsi Raniganj 854312
BHOLAPUR, P.O. Parmanandpur Raniganj 854312
KARANKIA, P.O. Karankia Raniganj 854312
KOPARI, P.O. Parmanandpur Raniganj 854312
MAJKURI, P.O. Rajokhar Araria 854312
MOMIN TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
AJGAHA, P.O. Mahsail Balrampur 854312
ARARIA RS, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
BASAITHI, P.O. Basaity Raniganj 854312
BELWA, P.O. Baunsi Raniganj 854312
BOCHI, P.O. Kamaldaha Araria 854312
GAINRHA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
IKRA, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
KAMALDAHA, P.O. Kamaldaha Araria 854312
PARMANPUR, P.O. Parmanandpur Raniganj 854312
RAJOKHAR, P.O. Rajokhar Araria 854312
SAHANI TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
SINGLE TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
BAIJNATH PUR, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
BANGAWAN, P.O. Bangama Araria 854312
BAUSI, P.O. Baunsi Raniganj 854312
GUNWANTI, P.O. Gunwanti Raniganj 854312
HARPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
HYATPUR, P.O. Chandardai Araria 854312
KEDIYA TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
RAJBAILI, P.O. Gunwanti Raniganj 854312
RASIDPUR ARAZI, P.O. Mahsail Barsoi 854312
SANJHAILI, P.O. Chatiuna Raniganj 854312
UPHRAIL, P.O. Pahsara Raniganj 854312
BHAGMOHABBAT, P.O. Rajokhar Araria 854312
CHHATIAUNA, P.O. Chatiuna Raniganj 854312
CHIKNI, P.O. Kamaldaha Araria 854312
HANSA, P.O. Hansa Raniganj 854312
HIRDEPUR, P.O. Rajokhar Raniganj 854312
JAMGHATTI, P.O. Tamghatti Raniganj 854312
KHARSAHI, P.O. Gidwas Raniganj 854312
KUMHRA, P.O. Baunsi Raniganj 854312
MAHASAILI GIDHWAS, P.O. Mahsail Raniganj 854312
RUPAULI, P.O. Chatiuna Raniganj 854312
BASAITHI MATH, P.O. Basaity Raniganj 854312
BINODPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
DARHA BITA, P.O. Gunwanti Raniganj 854312
DARIA RAI, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
GUPTA TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
KHARHAT, P.O. Gidwas Raniganj 854312
LATAHRI, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
MOHANI B O, P.O. Mohani Raniganj 854312
RAHUA, P.O. Chatiuna Raniganj 854312
BHATWAR BALTOR, P.O. Mahsail Balrampur 854312
GOPALPUR, P.O. Majhua Forbesganj 854312
ITAHARI, P.O. Chandardai Dhamdaha 854312
KARAHIA, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
MAHSAILI, P.O. Mahsail Raniganj 854312
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Forbesganj 854312
PAHASRA, P.O. Pahsara Raniganj 854312
SAKRAILI, P.O. Mohani Raniganj 854312
BITAUNA, P.O. Chatiuna Raniganj 854312
DEOTHAL, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
GIDHWAS, P.O. Gidwas Raniganj 854312
KOIRI TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
MOHNI, P.O. Mohani Raniganj 854312
NANANPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
NARAENPUR, P.O. Gidwas Raniganj 854312
RAHIKA TOLA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
CHANDERDAI, P.O. Chandardai Araria 854312
KAMALPUR, P.O. Hansa Raniganj 854312
LACHHMIPUR, P.O. Hansa Raniganj 854312
MAJHUA, P.O. Majhua Amour 854312
MATIYARI, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Araria 854312
MIRZAPUR, P.O. Mirzapur Raniganj 854312
NAVTOLIYA, P.O. Araria RS Araria 854312

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