MIRJAPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 721649

Pin code of MIRJAPUR is 721649. This location belongs to pin code of Hijalberia post office situated in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : MIRJAPUR

Post Office : Hijalberia BO

Postal Code : 721649

Sub District : Tamluk

District : Purba Medinipur

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 721649

Location District
Bainchberia Purba Medinipur
Chakjiandighi Purba Medinipur
Hijalberia Purba Medinipur
Kakgechia Purba Medinipur
Kulberia Purba Medinipur
Kurpai Purba Medinipur
Mirikpur Purba Medinipur
Nakibasan Purba Medinipur
Simulia Purba Medinipur
Uttar Sautanchak Purba Medinipur

Nearby local areas of MIRJAPUR sharing pincode 721649

Area / Village Pin Code
CHATRADARI, P.O. Hijalberia 721649
GAURANGAPUR, P.O. Nakibasan 721649
JOGIKHOP, P.O. Kakgechia 721649
KHARIDANAGAR, P.O. Kakgechia 721649
PADAMPUR, P.O. Simulia 721649
SIMULIA, P.O. Simulia 721649
UDAYPUR, P.O. Kakgechia 721649
GHOLCHAK, P.O. Kurpai 721649
CHAK JIYADIGHI, P.O. Chakjiandighi 721649
KAKGECHHYA, P.O. Kakgechia 721649
MIRIKPUR, P.O. Mirikpur 721649
NIMTORI, P.O. Kulberia 721649
NAKI BASAN, P.O. Nakibasan 721649
KALIKAPUR, P.O. Mirikpur 721649
PAYARCHALI, P.O. Nakibasan 721649
SIBDATTAPUR, P.O. Mirikpur 721649
BHABANI CHAK, P.O. Chakjiandighi 721649
DHAMTORI, P.O. Simulia 721649
KULBERYA, P.O. Kulberia 721649
MIRJAPUR, P.O. Hijalberia 721649
BAICH BERYA, P.O. Bainchberia 721649
CHAK SRIKRISHNAPUR, P.O. Kulberia 721649
HIJALBERYA, P.O. Hijalberia 721649
JAY KRISHNAPUR, P.O. Simulia 721649
KURPAI, P.O. Kurpai 721649
BARBASANTA, P.O. Simulia 721649
BARMIRJAPUR, P.O. Simulia 721649
BHANDARBERYA, P.O. Kulberia 721649
PIPULBERYA, P.O. Nakibasan 721649

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