Pincode : 311403

Pin code of MINDOLIYA is 311403. This location belongs to pin code of Mandal Bhilwara post office situated in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan.

Village / Locality Name : MINDOLIYA

Post Office : Mandal SO Bhilwara

Postal Code : 311403

Sub District : Shahpura

District : Bhilwara

State : Rajasthan

List of post office belong to postal code 311403

Location District
Baori Bhilwara
Bhadu Bhilwara
Chankhed Bhilwara
Dhuwala Bhilwara
Laduwas Bhilwara
Luhariya Bhilwara
Mandal Bhilwara Bhilwara
Meja Bhilwara
Santokpura Bhilwara
Suras Bhilwara

Nearby local areas of MINDOLIYA sharing pincode 311403

Area / Village Pin Code
BADDOO, P.O. Bhadu 311403
BALAI KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
BANIYANS, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
BHILI KHERA, P.O. Meja 311403
CHANKHER, P.O. Chankhed 311403
CHATARPURA, P.O. Bhadu 311403
KALOO KHERA, P.O. Meja 311403
MATAJI KA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
ODO KA KHERA, P.O. Suras 311403
SHIVPUR, P.O. Chankhed 311403
BAKLI, P.O. Chankhed 311403
BERAN, P.O. Bhadu 311403
DANTA KALAN, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
GEGAM, P.O. Bhadu 311403
KASHINAGAR, P.O. Laduwas 311403
LALA KHERA, P.O. Meja 311403
LALJIKHAJI KA KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
RAMGARH, P.O. Luhariya 311403
CHAMARO KA KHERA, P.O. Suras 311403
JALARIYA, P.O. Chankhed 311403
JEENDRAS, P.O. Chankhed 311403
KOCHRIYA, P.O. Meja 311403
KOLI KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
RAISINGHPURA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
RAVO KA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
SEKHJI KA KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
BAORI, P.O. Baori 311403
KEERATPURA, P.O. Suras 311403
KERIYA KHERA, P.O. Chankhed 311403
KRISHNA KUNJ, P.O. Laduwas 311403
MATAJI KA KHERA, P.O. Meja 311403
MODAJI KA KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
RAVTO KA BADIYA, P.O. Laduwas 311403
ROOPPURA, P.O. Luhariya 311403
SURAS, P.O. Suras 311403
THOB KA KHERA, P.O. Luhariya 311403
BHALDI KHERA, P.O. Bhadu 311403
BHILONKA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
DEVRIYA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
GOKALPURA, P.O. Baori 311403
MANDAL, P.O. Santokpura 311403
NAYA KHERA, P.O. Chankhed 311403
RAMA KA KHERA, P.O. Bhadu 311403
BRAHMANOKA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
DEVAJI KA KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
DHUNWALA MANDAL, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
GODASI KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
LANGRO KA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
MADHUBA KA KHERA, P.O. Chankhed 311403
MINDOLIYA, P.O. Mandal Bhilwara 311403
NEEM KA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
UMMEDPURA, P.O. Baori 311403
BADI KA KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
DANTA, P.O. Luhariya 311403
DANTA LUHARIYA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
DEOTHARI, P.O. Bhadu 311403
LADOOWAS, P.O. Laduwas 311403
LALRI, P.O. Laduwas 311403
LUHARIYA, P.O. Luhariya 311403
MEJAN, P.O. Meja 311403
NANAKPURA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
NARAINPURA, P.O. Suras 311403
STATION NAGAR, P.O. Santokpura 311403
AKHEPURA, P.O. Bhadu 311403
CHATRI KHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
FIRKHERA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
GADRI KHERA, P.O. Dhuwala 311403
GADRI KHERA, P.O. Meja 311403
GANGA KA KHERA, P.O. Mandal Bhilwara 311403
GUDDHA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
JORAWARPURA, P.O. Luhariya 311403
LEERDIYA, P.O. Baori 311403
MALGANI, P.O. Mandal Bhilwara 311403
MALI KHERA @ RAJPURA, P.O. Meja 311403
MELYAS, P.O. Baori 311403
SHAHPURA CHORAHA, P.O. Santokpura 311403
THABOLA, P.O. Baori 311403

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