MALLOWAL Postal Code

Pincode : 143530

Pin code of MALLOWAL is 143530. This location belongs to pin code of Gazikot post office situated in Gurdaspur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : MALLOWAL

Post Office : Gazikot BO

Postal Code : 143530

Sub District : Gurdaspur

District : Gurdaspur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 143530

Location District
Babehali Gurdaspur
Chhalle Gurdaspur
Gazikot Gurdaspur
Ghot Gurdaspur
Khojepur Gurdaspur
Kotli Sainian Gurdaspur
Lakhanpal Gurdaspur
Saidowal Kalan Gurdaspur
Tibri Gurdaspur

Nearby local areas of MALLOWAL sharing pincode 143530

Area / Village Pin Code
BHAINI KANIAN, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
BHULE CHAK, P.O. Tibri 143530
CHHINA BET, P.O. Chhalle 143530
KISHANPUR, P.O. Khojepur 143530
NAUSHERA, P.O. Tibri 143530
TIBRI, P.O. Tibri 143530
BHATTIAN, P.O. Ghot 143530
BOONDYWAL, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
DHARIWAL, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
GHOT, P.O. Ghot 143530
JATTUWAL, P.O. Gazikot 143530
KRISHNA NAGAR, P.O. Gazikot 143530
LAKHANPAL, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
NOUNTA, P.O. Khojepur 143530
PANDHER, P.O. Tibri 143530
QAUWAL, P.O. Chhalle 143530
THANEWAL, P.O. Babehali 143530
BHANGWAN, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
BHATIA, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
DERA SOH NANGALI, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
GHULLA BHAHMNA, P.O. Khojepur 143530
JAGATPUR KHARIA, P.O. Chhalle 143530
KHOJEPUR, P.O. Khojepur 143530
KOTLI SAINIAN, P.O. Kotli Sainian 143530
RAOWAL, P.O. Khojepur 143530
RASULPUR, P.O. Chhalle 143530
SAIDOWAL KALAN, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
BABEHALI, P.O. Babehali 143530
BHAINI MILLWAN, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
CHAWA, P.O. Tibri 143530
JAGATPUR KALAN, P.O. Chhalle 143530
MALLOWAL, P.O. Gazikot 143530
NARAINPUR, P.O. Chhalle 143530
RASOOLPUR, P.O. Gazikot 143530
TANDA, P.O. Chhalle 143530
WARRAH COLONY, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
BARYAR, P.O. Khojepur 143530
CHANDAR BHAN, P.O. Chhalle 143530
CHUHARPUR, P.O. Chhalle 143530
DALLA, P.O. Chhalle 143530
GURIA, P.O. Chhalle 143530
LAMIN, P.O. Tibri 143530
MEGHIAN, P.O. Chhalle 143530
NEW COLONY DHARIWAL, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
BAHADUR, P.O. Tibri 143530
GAZIKOT, P.O. Gazikot 143530
GHOT POKHAR, P.O. Ghot 143530
GUJIA BET, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
KHICHIAN, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
KOHLIAN, P.O. Chhalle 143530
NAWAPIND HUNDAL, P.O. Babehali 143530
PATHANKOT, P.O. Chhalle 143530
PURANA SHALLA, P.O. Chhalle 143530
RANJIT BAG, P.O. Khojepur 143530
WARAH, P.O. Lakhanpal 143530
DERA TUNG, P.O. Saidowal Kalan 143530
GUNJIAN, P.O. Tibri 143530
CHORRIA BHANGAR, P.O. Kotli Sainian 143530
KOTLI NEW ABADI, P.O. Kotli Sainian 143530
MAVHLEY, P.O. Khojepur 143530

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