Pincode : 533435

Pin code of MALLEPALLE is 533435. This location belongs to pin code of Mallepalli post office situated in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : MALLEPALLE

Post Office : Mallepalli BO

Postal Code : 533435

Sub District : Gandepalle

District : East Godavari

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 533435

Location District State
Gurrampalem East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Irripaka East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
J Burugupudi East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Jaggampeta East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Koturu East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Mallepalli East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Mallisala East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Narendrapatnam East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Rajapudi East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Ramavaram East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Somavaram East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Talluru East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Yerravaram East Godavari Andhra Pradesh
Z Ragampeta East Godavari Andhra Pradesh

Nearby local areas of MALLEPALLE sharing pincode 533435

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
GOLLALAGUNTA, P.O. Gurrampalem Jaggampeta 533435
KOHURU, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
KRISHNAVARAM, P.O. J Burugupudi Kirlampudi 533435
MALLISALA, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
NARENDRAPATNAM, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
SOMAVARAM, P.O. Somavaram Kirlampudi 533435
YERRAVARAM, P.O. Jaggampeta Yeleswaram 533435
J KOTHURU, P.O. Koturu Jaggampeta 533435
MAMIDADA, P.O. Irripaka Jaggampeta 533435
PRO RAGAMPETA, P.O. Z Ragampeta Gandepalle 533435
RAJAPUDI, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
RAMAVARAM, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
UPPALAPADU, P.O. Mallepalli Gandepalle 533435
BALABHADRAPURAM, P.O. Koturu Jaggampeta 533435
GURRAPPALEM, P.O. Gurrampalem Jaggampeta 533435
JAGGAMPETA, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
MARRIPAKA, P.O. Gurrampalem Jaggampeta 533435
RAMAVARAM, P.O. Ramavaram Jaggampeta 533435
YERRAVARAM, P.O. Yerravaram Yeleswaram 533435
GOVINDAPURAM, P.O. Rajapudi Jaggampeta 533435
TIRUPATIRAJUPETA, P.O. Rajapudi Jaggampeta 533435
GURRAPPALEM, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
IRRIPAKA, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
MANYANVARIPALEM, P.O. Rajapudi Jaggampeta 533435
TALLURU, P.O. Jaggampeta Gandepalle 533435
Z RAGAMPETA, P.O. Jaggampeta Gandepalle 533435
BURUGUPUDI, P.O. J Burugupudi Kirlampudi 533435
KANDREGULA, P.O. Narendrapatnam Jaggampeta 533435
SOMAVARAM, P.O. Jaggampeta Kirlampudi 533435
TALLURU, P.O. Talluru Gandepalle 533435
BORRAMPALEM, P.O. Talluru Gandepalle 533435
J BURUGUPUDI, P.O. Jaggampeta Kirlampudi 533435
MALLISALA, P.O. Mallisala Jaggampeta 533435
NARENDRAPATNAM, P.O. Narendrapatnam Jaggampeta 533435
IRRIPAKA, P.O. Irripaka Jaggampeta 533435
MALLAPALLI, P.O. Jaggampeta Jaggampeta 533435
MALLEPALLE, P.O. Mallepalli Gandepalle 533435
RAJAPUDI, P.O. Rajapudi Jaggampeta 533435
SEETHAMPETA, P.O. Gurrampalem Jaggampeta 533435
SEETHANAGARAM, P.O. Koturu Jaggampeta 533435

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