Pincode : 506349

Pin code of MALLAMPALLE is 506349. This location belongs to pin code of Mallampalli post office situated in Warangal district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : MALLAMPALLE

Post Office : Mallampalli SO

Postal Code : 506349

Sub District : Mulug

District : Warangal

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506349

Location District State
Bollonipalli Warangal Telangana
Dongalasingaram Warangal Telangana
Katrepalli Warangal Telangana
Mallampalli Warangal Telangana
Mohd Gouspalli Warangal Telangana
Muddunur Warangal Telangana
Nallabelli Warangal Telangana
Neredupalli Warangal Telangana
Pandikunta Warangal Telangana
Ramachandrapuram Warangal Telangana
Rangapur Warangal Telangana
Relakunta Warangal Telangana
Rudragudem Warangal Telangana
Shanigaram Warangal Telangana

Nearby local areas of MALLAMPALLE sharing pincode 506349

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
RANGAPURAM, P.O. Nallabelli Nallabelly 506349
RUDRAGUDEM, P.O. Rudragudem Nallabelly 506349
GOVINDAPUR, P.O. Shanigaram Nallabelly 506349
MALLAMPALLE, P.O. Mohd Gouspalli Mulug 506349
NEREDPALLE, P.O. Neredupalli Bhupalpalle 506349
RAMTEERTHAM, P.O. Bollonipalli Nallabelly 506349
ARSHANPALLE, P.O. Bollonipalli Nallabelly 506349
KATAKSHAPUR, P.O. Neredupalli Atmakur 506349
RAMACHANDRAPURAM, P.O. Mallampalli Mulug 506349
MUCHIMPULA, P.O. Rangapur Nallabelly 506349
NAGRAJPALLE, P.O. Rudragudem Nallabelly 506349
RELAKUNTA, P.O. Relakunta Nallabelly 506349
VASANTHAPUR, P.O. Dongalasingaram Shayampet 506349
MALLAMPALLE, P.O. Bollonipalli Mulug 506349
MALLAMPALLE, P.O. Mallampalli Mulug 506349
MALLAMPALLE, P.O. Pandikunta Mulug 506349
SINGARAM DONGALA, P.O. Dongalasingaram Shayampet 506349
KANNARAOPET, P.O. Shanigaram Nallabelly 506349
KATRAPALLE, P.O. Katrepalli Shayampet 506349
NALLABELLY, P.O. Nallabelli Nallabelly 506349
MUDDUNOOR, P.O. Muddunur Duggondi 506349
NANDIGAMA, P.O. Relakunta Nallabelly 506349
RAMACHANDRAPURAM, P.O. Ramachandrapuram Mulug 506349
RANGAPURAM, P.O. Rangapur Mogullapalle 506349
SHANIGARAM, P.O. Shanigaram Nallabelly 506349

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