TETARIA Postal Code

Pincode : 824202

Pin code of TETARIA is 824202. This location belongs to pin code of Ararua post office situated in Aurangabad district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : TETARIA

Post Office : Ararua BO

Postal Code : 824202

Sub District : Madanpur

District : Aurangabad

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 824202

Location District State
Ararua Aurangabad Bihar
Bahuara Aurangabad Bihar
Baluganj Aurangabad Bihar
Banua Aurangabad Bihar
Bedhani Aurangabad Bihar
Belsara Aurangabad Bihar
Bisunpur Chati Aurangabad Bihar
Dadhapa Aurangabad Bihar
Deo Aurangabad Bihar
Dhibra Aurangabad Bihar
Dumari Aurangabad Bihar
Dumari Belean Aurangabad Bihar
Erki Aurangabad Bihar
Kataiya Aurangabad Bihar
Mahara Aurangabad Bihar
Manika Aurangabad Bihar
Neyamatpur Aurangabad Bihar
Panchaukhar Aurangabad Bihar
Sargawan Aurangabad Bihar
Sighana Aurangabad Bihar
Silar Aurangabad Bihar

Nearby local areas of MAHULAN sharing pincode 824202

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
ADRI, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
AZRAKBE DHANARI, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
BUKKA, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
CHAINPUR, P.O. Silar Deo 824202
DEO, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
DUMARI, P.O. Dumari Deo 824202
DUMARI BELAON, P.O. Dumari Belean Deo 824202
ERKI, P.O. Erki Deo 824202
KARMA BALA, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
KHESAR, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
KURKA, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
MAHULAN, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
MISRA BIGHA, P.O. Deo Kutumba 824202
MURARPUR, P.O. Bedhani Deo 824202
NARCHI, P.O. Panchaukhar Deo 824202
SIGHNA, P.O. Sighana Kutumba 824202
BARHETA, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
BHADOKHAR, P.O. Panchaukhar Deo 824202
BHATKUR, P.O. Ararua Kutumba 824202
CHANDULI BUZURG, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
DULARE, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
JHARNA, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
KHAIRA, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
KOIRKHAP, P.O. Dumari Belean Deo 824202
KUSIARI, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
MAJHAULI, P.O. Silar Deo 824202
MURAR KHAR, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
RAJA KURKA, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
ARAN GAR, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
BAHUARA, P.O. Bahuara Kutumba 824202
BANOKHAR, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
BELWA, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Bisunpur Chati Deo 824202
CHAINPUR, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
CHANDPUR, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
DARIAPUR, P.O. Baluganj Kutumba 824202
DASWAT BIGHA, P.O. Ararua Kutumba 824202
DHANAWAN, P.O. Sargawan Deo 824202
DUDHPA, P.O. Dadhapa Deo 824202
DURGI, P.O. Dumari Deo 824202
KATAIA, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
MALHARA, P.O. Mahara Deo 824202
PACHOKHAR, P.O. Panchaukhar Deo 824202
PARSANWAN, P.O. Manika Madanpur 824202
SILAR KHURD, P.O. Silar Deo 824202
SUHI, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
UPARDAHA, P.O. Belsara Deo 824202
ANANDPURA, P.O. Belsara Aurangabad 824202
ANJANIA, P.O. Erki Kutumba 824202
BANIA, P.O. Erki Deo 824202
BARANDA RAMPUR, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
BELSARA, P.O. Belsara Deo 824202
BERHNA, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
CHANDA, P.O. Dhibra Deo 824202
CHAUKNA, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
DANGRA, P.O. Manika Madanpur 824202
IRKIKALAN, P.O. Erki Madanpur 824202
JAMHARIYA, P.O. Sargawan Deo 824202
KHAIRA, P.O. Banua Kutumba 824202
KOJHI, P.O. Dumari Kutumba 824202
KUSA, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
NEAMATPUR, P.O. Neyamatpur Deo 824202
NEAPUR, P.O. Bahuara Deo 824202
PATHRA, P.O. Dumari Deo 824202
PAWAI AZ RAQBE, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
SILAR, P.O. Silar Deo 824202
SRAUR, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
TURKABARA, P.O. Bedhani Deo 824202
ANJANIAN, P.O. Erki Deo 824202
BHARKUR, P.O. Ararua Deo 824202
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Ararua Deo 824202
CHHUCHHIA, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
GANGTI, P.O. Erki Deo 824202
KANTARI, P.O. Sargawan Deo 824202
KARMAN BASANTPUR, P.O. Kataiya Kutumba 824202
KATHBAR, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
KAURIARI, P.O. Silar Deo 824202
MAHTHA, P.O. Dumari Belean Deo 824202
MAJHGAWAN, P.O. Bisunpur Chati Deo 824202
MOKHETA, P.O. Dumari Madanpur 824202
SANAUDHA, P.O. Dumari Belean Deo 824202
TETRAIN, P.O. Dhibra Deo 824202
ALARPUR, P.O. Manika Madanpur 824202
BARA KHURD, P.O. Bedhani Deo 824202
BASRI, P.O. Dhibra Deo 824202
BHARWAR, P.O. Belsara Aurangabad 824202
BHAWANIPUR, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
CHAURIA, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
DURA, P.O. Dumari Deo 824202
ERAURA, P.O. Ararua Deo 824202
GANGTUA, P.O. Neyamatpur Kutumba 824202
GHOGHRA, P.O. Sighana Kutumba 824202
GOLAHA, P.O. Sighana Deo 824202
GOPALPUR, P.O. Erki Deo 824202
KARAMDIH, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
KARMAN, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
MANKA, P.O. Manika Madanpur 824202
PATAUNDHI, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
PEMAN, P.O. Deo Madanpur 824202
SARGANWAN, P.O. Sargawan Deo 824202
BALUGANJ BARANDI, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
BANUA, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
BERHANI, P.O. Bedhani Deo 824202
BHALUAHI, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
BHATKUR, P.O. Ararua Deo 824202
BISHUNIPUR, P.O. Sighana Kutumba 824202
DHANJAIA, P.O. Belsara Deo 824202
DUMRI, P.O. Sighana Kutumba 824202
HAIDAR CHAK, P.O. Banua Deo 824202
KARAM HAZARI, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
KARPATAI, P.O. Manika Madanpur 824202
KHAIRA JIWA BIGHA, P.O. Kataiya Kutumba 824202
KUSAHA, P.O. Belsara Deo 824202
RATANPUR, P.O. Kataiya Deo 824202
BARA, P.O. Dhibra Deo 824202
BISRAMPUR, P.O. Dumari Belean Deo 824202
DHIBRA, P.O. Dhibra Deo 824202
JORA, P.O. Sighana Kutumba 824202
KESAUR, P.O. Deo Deo 824202
NARAYAN KHAP, P.O. Ararua Deo 824202
PACHMO, P.O. Baluganj Deo 824202
SARAKAR, P.O. Belsara Deo 824202
SIMRI, P.O. Bisunpur Chati Deo 824202
TENUI SARAURA, P.O. Dumari Deo 824202
TETARIA, P.O. Ararua Madanpur 824202

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