Pincode : 506347

Pin code of KARLAPALLE is 506347. This location belongs to pin code of Karlapalli post office situated in Warangal district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : KARLAPALLE

Post Office : Karlapalli BO

Postal Code : 506347

Sub District : Govindaraopet

District : Warangal

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506347

Location District State
Bittupalli Warangal Telangana
Kalvapalli Warangal Telangana
Karlapalli Warangal Telangana
Laknavaram Warangal Telangana
Lingala Warangal Telangana
Narlapur Warangal Telangana
Oorattam Warangal Telangana
Pasra Warangal Telangana
Rampur Warangal Telangana
Rangapur Project Nagar Warangal Telangana

Nearby local areas of MADARAM D sharing pincode 506347

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KALWAPALLE, P.O. Kalvapalli Tadvai 506347
MOTLAGUDEM, P.O. Rangapur Project Nagar Tadvai 506347
OORATTAM, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
ELBAKA, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
MEDARAM SAMMAKKAJATARA, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
MOTLAGUDEM, P.O. Pasra Govindaraopet 506347
PASRANAGARAM, P.O. Pasra Govindaraopet 506347
BONDAL, P.O. Pasra Tadvai 506347
GONEPALLE, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
KOTHUR PATTIPANGIDI, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
RANGAPUR, P.O. Rangapur Project Nagar Govindaraopet 506347
SOMAIGUDEM, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
GOPAIGUDEM P A, P.O. Pasra Tadvai 506347
KONDALANAGARAM, P.O. Laknavaram Tadvai 506347
LAKNAVARAM, P.O. Laknavaram Govindaraopet 506347
LINGALA, P.O. Lingala Tadvai 506347
MADDUR, P.O. Bittupalli Maddur 506347
MAREDIGUDEM, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
MEDARAM, P.O. Oorattam Eturnagaram 506347
PADIGAPURAM P P, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
PASRANAGARAM, P.O. Rampur Govindaraopet 506347
TEEGALVAI, P.O. Lingala Eturnagaram 506347
KONDAIGUDA, P.O. Pasra Tadvai 506347
MADARAM D, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
NIMMAKAYALA NAGARAM, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
SERIGARAM, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
BAYYAKKAPET, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
LAXMIPURAM P A, P.O. Karlapalli Tadvai 506347
NARLAPUR, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
BITTUPALLE P L, P.O. Pasra Tadvai 506347
KOTHAGUDEM P L, P.O. Laknavaram Tadvai 506347
CHENNAPURAM, P.O. Narlapur Tadvai 506347
JAMPANGAVAI, P.O. Oorattam Tadvai 506347
KARLAPALLE, P.O. Karlapalli Govindaraopet 506347

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