LUHARA Postal Code

Pincode : 202127

Pin code of LUHARA is 202127. This location belongs to pin code of Talib Nagar post office situated in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : LUHARA

Post Office : Talib Nagar BO

Postal Code : 202127

Sub District : Koil

District : Aligarh

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 202127

Location District
Chhalesar Aligarh
Godha Aligarh
Kasimpur Aligarh
Khera Bujurg Aligarh
N C Kasimpur Aligarh
Parki Aligarh
Satha Aligarh
Sikharna Aligarh
Sunamai Aligarh
Talib Nagar Aligarh

Nearby local areas of LUHARA sharing pincode 202127

Area / Village Pin Code
LUHARA, P.O. Talib Nagar 202127
SOORAJPUR, P.O. Sikharna 202127
SUNAMAI, P.O. Sunamai 202127
CHAUPUR, P.O. Kasimpur 202127
KHERA KHURD, P.O. Khera Bujurg 202127
SALAIMPUR, P.O. Godha 202127
BAHADURPUR, P.O. Khera Bujurg 202127
CHHALESAR, P.O. Chhalesar 202127
GODHA, P.O. Godha 202127
MAIMARI, P.O. Sikharna 202127
BAHARAMPUR, P.O. Chhalesar 202127
KASIMPUR, P.O. Kasimpur 202127
RAMPUR, P.O. Kasimpur 202127
SIKARGARHI, P.O. Sikharna 202127
TAQIPUR, P.O. Godha 202127
AHAK, P.O. Khera Bujurg 202127
KAZIMPUR, P.O. Sikharna 202127
KHERA BUZURG, P.O. Khera Bujurg 202127
MEHMOODPUR, P.O. Sikharna 202127
PADKI, P.O. Parki 202127
SATHA, P.O. Satha 202127
TALIB NAGAR, P.O. Talib Nagar 202127
DHAINKURA, P.O. Sikharna 202127
KHERUPURA, P.O. Satha 202127
GOPALPUR, P.O. Parki 202127
MAWAN, P.O. Godha 202127
QASIMPUR, P.O. Kasimpur 202127
AHROLI, P.O. Chhalesar 202127
MUJAFFARA, P.O. Chhalesar 202127
SHANKER GARH, P.O. Sikharna 202127
SIKARNA, P.O. Sikharna 202127

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