LINGAPUR Postal Code

Pincode : 505532

Pin code of LINGAPUR is 505532. This location belongs to pin code of Lingapur post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : LINGAPUR

Post Office : Lingapur BO

Postal Code : 505532

Sub District : Pegadapalle

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505532

Location District
Aggimalla Karimnagar
Bathkapalli Karimnagar
Chandoli Karimnagar
Chilvakodur Karimnagar
Gollapalli Karim Nagar Karimnagar
Lingapur Karimnagar
Nancherla Karimnagar
Pegadapalli Karimnagar
Raghavapatnam Karimnagar
Rapalli Karimnagar
Shakkella Karimnagar
Thirumalapur Karimnagar
Vengalaipet Karimnagar
Venugumatla Karimnagar

Nearby local areas of LINGAPUR sharing pincode 505532

Area / Village Pin Code
ANDUGULAPALLI, P.O. Raghavapatnam 505532
BATHKEPALLE, P.O. Bathkapalli 505532
DATNUR, P.O. Chandoli 505532
GOVINDPALLI, P.O. Chilvakodur 505532
NANCHERLA, P.O. Nancherla 505532
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Gollapalli Karim Nagar 505532
JAGGAYYAPALLI, P.O. Nancherla 505532
LINGAPUR, P.O. Lingapur 505532
PULLAMPALLI, P.O. Nancherla 505532
BHEEMRAJ PALLE, P.O. Chandoli 505532
DEVIKONDA, P.O. Nancherla 505532
EDUMOTALAPALLI, P.O. Pegadapalli 505532
KONDAIAHPALLI, P.O. Bathkapalli 505532
RAPALLE, P.O. Rapalli 505532
SHAKALLA, P.O. Shakkella 505532
ABBAPURAM, P.O. Venugumatla 505532
AGGIMALLA, P.O. Aggimalla 505532
CHENDOLI, P.O. Chandoli 505532
CHILWAKODUR, P.O. Chilvakodur 505532
ISRAJPALLE, P.O. Rapalli 505532
LAXMIPUR, P.O. Chilvakodur 505532
SALAPALLI, P.O. Aggimalla 505532
THIRMALAPURAM, P.O. Thirumalapur 505532
UPPALLAPALLI, P.O. Lingapur 505532
VENGUMATLA, P.O. Venugumatla 505532
BONKUR, P.O. Venugumatla 505532
GUNJAPADUGU, P.O. Thirumalapur 505532
KOSANPALLI, P.O. Thirumalapur 505532
PEGADAPALLE, P.O. Pegadapalli 505532
VENGALAIPET, P.O. Vengalaipet 505532
RAGHAVAPATNAM, P.O. Raghavapatnam 505532
RAMULAPALLI, P.O. Nancherla 505532

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