LIKHI Postal Code

Pincode : 383010

Pin code of LIKHI is 383010. This location belongs to pin code of Likhi post office situated in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat.

Village / Locality Name : LIKHI

Post Office : Likhi BO

Postal Code : 383010

Sub District : Himatnagar

District : Sabarkantha

State : Gujarat

List of post office belong to postal code 383010

Location District
Gadha Sabarkantha
Himatpur Sabarkantha
Jamla Sabarkantha
Kaniol Sabarkantha
Kapoda Sabarkantha
Likhi Sabarkantha
Lolasan Sabarkantha
Rajpur Sabarkantha
Vaktapur Sabarkantha
Virpur Sabarkantha

Nearby local areas of LIKHI sharing pincode 383010

Area / Village Pin Code
GADHA, P.O. Gadha 383010
HANSALPUR, P.O. Virpur 383010
HIMATPUR, P.O. Vaktapur 383010
MANPUR BANKHOR, P.O. Himatpur 383010
JAMLA, P.O. Jamla 383010
KHANUSA, P.O. Kaniol 383010
PRUTHVIPURA, P.O. Rajpur 383010
SETANPURA, P.O. Jamla 383010
TITPUR, P.O. Kaniol 383010
UMIYANAGAR, P.O. Himatpur 383010
VAKTAPUR, P.O. Vaktapur 383010
CHHAPARA LIKHI, P.O. Likhi 383010
RAJPUR GAMBHOI, P.O. Rajpur 383010
SURPUR LIKHI, P.O. Likhi 383010
KAPODA, P.O. Kapoda 383010
NANIDEMAI, P.O. Kaniol 383010
VAKTAPUR, P.O. Vaktapur 383010
VIRPUR, P.O. Virpur 383010
KANIYOL, P.O. Kaniol 383010
LIKHI, P.O. Likhi 383010
TANDOL, P.O. Kaniol 383010
BHETALI, P.O. Himatpur 383010
GAYATRIKAMPA, P.O. Jamla 383010
KARMABHUMI, P.O. Gadha 383010
NURPUR, P.O. Himatpur 383010
DHABAL, P.O. Kaniol 383010
HIMATPUR, P.O. Himatpur 383010
KATHAVADIYA, P.O. Jamla 383010
SHRINATH NAGAR, P.O. Virpur 383010
BALOCHPUR, P.O. Rajpur 383010
DEMAI NANI, P.O. Kaniol 383010
ISARVADA, P.O. Kapoda 383010
LOLASAN, P.O. Lolasan 383010
TEJPURA, P.O. Jamla 383010

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