Pincode : 505122

Pin code of LAXMANNAPALLI is 505122. This location belongs to pin code of Yellanthakunta post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : LAXMANNAPALLI

Post Office : Yellanthakunta BO

Postal Code : 505122

Sub District : Jammikunta

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505122

Location District
Chelpur Karimnagar
Dharmaram Karimnagar
Gundedu Karimnagar
Jammikunta Karimnagar
Kanagarthi Karimnagar
Madupalli Karimnagar
Mallial Karimnagar
Sarsaid Karimnagar
Shaimpet Karimnagar
Yellanthakunta Karimnagar

Nearby local areas of LAXMANNAPALLI sharing pincode 505122

Area / Village Pin Code
LAXMAGIPALLI, P.O. Mallial 505122
SIRSEDU, P.O. Sarsaid 505122
THOKALAPALLI, P.O. Chelpur 505122
ELLANTHAKUNTA, P.O. Yellanthakunta 505122
GUNDED, P.O. Gundedu 505122
BEERANNAPALLI, P.O. Madupalli 505122
DHARMARAM P B, P.O. Dharmaram 505122
KOTHAPALLI, P.O. Mallial 505122
KURMAPALLI, P.O. Chelpur 505122
MALLIAL, P.O. Mallial 505122
CHELPUR, P.O. Chelpur 505122
HARIJANA COLONY, P.O. Mallial 505122
JAGAIAH PALLI, P.O. Mallial 505122
KANAGARTHI, P.O. Kanagarthi 505122
SHANTINAGAR, P.O. Madupalli 505122
SRIRAMULAPALLI, P.O. Yellanthakunta 505122
GUDEM, P.O. Mallial 505122
RAMANNAPALLI, P.O. Yellanthakunta 505122
SHALAPALLI, P.O. Chelpur 505122
INDIRANAGAR, P.O. Chelpur 505122
LAXMANNAPALLI, P.O. Yellanthakunta 505122
RAJAPALLI, P.O. Chelpur 505122
SHAIMPET, P.O. Shaimpet 505122
ANKUSHAPUR, P.O. Madupalli 505122
JAMMIKUNTA, P.O. Jammikunta 505122
NARSIMHULAPALLI, P.O. Chelpur 505122
PATHARLAPALLE, P.O. Sarsaid 505122
MADIPALLE, P.O. Madupalli 505122

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