SATIALTA Postal Code

Pincode : 182124

Pin code of SATIALTA is 182124. This location belongs to pin code of Barmeen post office situated in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Village / Locality Name : SATIALTA

Post Office : Barmeen BO

Postal Code : 182124

Sub District : Ramnagar

District : Udhampur

State : Jammu and Kashmir

List of post office belong to postal code 182124

Location District State
Barmeen Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Chanunta Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Dhandal Doda Jammu and Kashmir
Hartrian Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Jaganoo Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Johnu Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Kaldi Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir
Sermanjla Udhampur Jammu and Kashmir

Nearby local areas of LARH sharing pincode 182124

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BHAG PUR, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
CHANUNTA, P.O. Chanunta Ramnagar 182124
RAKH KOTLI UN INHABITED, P.O. Kaldi Udhampur 182124
SAGLAR, P.O. Kaldi Ramnagar 182124
SEER, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
SERMANJLA, P.O. Sermanjla Ramnagar 182124
BHUG THARIAN, P.O. Chanunta Ramnagar 182124
BINDLA, P.O. Barmeen Ramnagar 182124
KUPARLA, P.O. Johnu Udhampur 182124
LARH, P.O. Dhandal Doda 182124
PEROYA JAGIR, P.O. Hartrian Ramnagar 182124
BARTA, P.O. Johnu Udhampur 182124
JAGAHNOO, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
MANDOLAT, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
SEAR BALA, P.O. Sermanjla Ramnagar 182124
THANUA, P.O. Kaldi Udhampur 182124
BERMEAN, P.O. Barmeen Ramnagar 182124
DHAL PAR, P.O. Johnu Udhampur 182124
KOTLI BALA, P.O. Kaldi Udhampur 182124
RAKH JAGAHNOO, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
SERBALA, P.O. Sermanjla Ramnagar 182124
HERTERIAN, P.O. Hartrian Ramnagar 182124
KROHA, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
MAROR, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
RAKH THANUA, P.O. Kaldi Udhampur 182124
SARSU, P.O. Dhandal Doda 182124
JOHNU, P.O. Johnu Udhampur 182124
MANI, P.O. Dhandal Doda 182124
HANSOOH, P.O. Kaldi Udhampur 182124
KAHSADO TRAN, P.O. Jaganoo Udhampur 182124
SATIALTA, P.O. Barmeen Ramnagar 182124

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