Pincode : 508245

Pin code of LANKALAPALLE is 508245. This location belongs to pin code of Lenkalapally post office situated in Nalgonda district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : LANKALAPALLE

Post Office : Lenkalapally BO

Postal Code : 508245

Sub District : Marriguda

District : Nalgonda

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 508245

Location District State
Anthampet Nalgonda Telangana
Damera Nalgonda Telangana
Damera Bheemanapally Nalgonda Telangana
Indurthy Nalgonda Telangana
Kudabakashpally Nalgonda Telangana
Lenkalapally Nalgonda Telangana
Lohepally Nalgonda Telangana
Marriguda Nalgonda Telangana
Nerellapally Nalgonda Telangana
Polepally Ramnagar Nalgonda Telangana
Sivannaguda Nalgonda Telangana
Tirugandlapally Nalgonda Telangana
Vattiparthy Nalgonda Telangana
Venkateshwara Nagar Nalgonda Telangana
Yeragandlapally Nalgonda Telangana

Nearby local areas of LANKALAPALLE sharing pincode 508245

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
KHUDABAKSH PALLE, P.O. Kudabakashpally Marriguda 508245
KONDUR, P.O. Marriguda Marriguda 508245
POLEPALLE RAMNAGAR, P.O. Polepally Ramnagar Chintha Palle 508245
METICHANDAPUR, P.O. Indurthy Marriguda 508245
LANKALAPALLE, P.O. Lenkalapally Marriguda 508245
MARRIGUDA, P.O. Lohepally Marriguda 508245
MARRIGUDA, P.O. Marriguda Marriguda 508245
SOMRAJGUDA, P.O. Anthampet Marriguda 508245
VENKEPALLE, P.O. Kudabakashpally Marriguda 508245
BHATLA PALLE, P.O. Vattiparthy Marriguda 508245
DAMERA, P.O. Damera Nampalle 508245
NAMAPUR, P.O. Indurthy Marriguda 508245
NAMBAPURAM, P.O. Damera Pedda Adiserla Palle 508245
POLEPALLE, P.O. Polepally Ramnagar Peddavoora 508245
SARAMPET, P.O. Indurthy Marriguda 508245
ANTHAMPET, P.O. Anthampet Marriguda 508245
DAMERA BHEEMAN PALLE, P.O. Damera Bheemanapally Marriguda 508245
INDURTHI, P.O. Indurthy Marriguda 508245
KUTUBSHAPUR, P.O. Kudabakashpally Gundla Palle 508245
TIRGANDLA PALLE, P.O. Tirugandlapally Marriguda 508245
MARRIGUDA, P.O. Nerellapally Marriguda 508245
MARRIGUDA, P.O. Sivannaguda Marriguda 508245
MARRIGUDA, P.O. Venkateshwara Nagar Marriguda 508245
TAMMAD PALLE, P.O. Tirugandlapally Marriguda 508245
VATTI PALLE, P.O. Vattiparthy Marriguda 508245
YERGANDLAPALLE, P.O. Yeragandlapally Marriguda 508245

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