Pincode : 505505

Pin code of LALITHAPUR is 505505. This location belongs to pin code of Devampalli post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : LALITHAPUR

Post Office : Devampalli BO

Postal Code : 505505

Sub District : Manakondur

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505505

Location District State
Challur Karimnagar Telangana
Devampalli Karimnagar Telangana
Kalleda Karimnagar Telangana
Laxmipur Karimnagar Telangana
Mamidalapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Ootur Karimnagar Telangana
Puchunur Karimnagar Telangana
Vegurupalli Karimnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of LALITHAPUR sharing pincode 505505

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
IPPALAPALLI, P.O. Challur Veenavanka 505505
MAMIDALAPALLE, P.O. Mamidalapalli Veenavanka 505505
GOLLAPALLI, P.O. Challur Veenavanka 505505
GUNTURPALLI, P.O. Devampalli Manakondur 505505
KANDULAPALLI, P.O. Devampalli Manakondur 505505
THENUGUPALLI, P.O. Challur Veenavanka 505505
KOTHAPALLI, P.O. Kalleda Manakondur 505505
LALITHAPUR, P.O. Devampalli Manakondur 505505
LAXMIPUR, P.O. Laxmipur Mahadevpur 505505
MADDIKUNTA, P.O. Kalleda Manakondur 505505
POCHAMPALLI, P.O. Kalleda Manakondur 505505
GOLLAPALLI, P.O. Mamidalapalli Veenavanka 505505
KALLEDU, P.O. Kalleda Manakondur 505505
VEGURUPALLE, P.O. Vegurupalli Manakondur 505505
DEVAMPALLE, P.O. Devampalli Manakondur 505505
UTOOR, P.O. Ootur Manakondur 505505
CHALLOOR, P.O. Challur Veenavanka 505505
GOLLAPALLI, P.O. Kalleda Manakondur 505505
PACHCHUNUR, P.O. Puchunur Manakondur 505505

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