Pincode : 517417

Pin code of LAKSHMAMBAPURAM is 517417. This location belongs to pin code of Narigapalle post office situated in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : LAKSHMAMBAPURAM

Post Office : Narigapalle BO

Postal Code : 517417

Sub District : Gudipala

District : Chittoor

State : Andhra Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 517417

Location District
Chembakur Chittoor
Chokkandlapalle Chittoor
Kurizala Chittoor
Miniki Chittoor
Nadimpalle Chittoor
Narigapalle Chittoor
Penchupadu Chittoor
Ramasamudram Chittoor

Nearby local areas of LAKSHMAMBAPURAM sharing pincode 517417

Area / Village Pin Code
ELAVANELLORE, P.O. Kurizala 517417
CHOKKANDLAPALLI, P.O. Chokkandlapalle 517417
LAKSHMAMBAPURAM, P.O. Narigapalle 517417
CHEMBAKUR, P.O. Chembakur 517417
R NADIMPALLE, P.O. Nadimpalle 517417
CHOKKANDLAPALLE, P.O. Chokkandlapalle 517417
DIGAVAPALLE, P.O. Chembakur 517417
KAPPALLE, P.O. Chembakur 517417
PEDDAKURAPALLE, P.O. Nadimpalle 517417
PENCHUPADU, P.O. Penchupadu 517417
RAMASAMUDRAM, P.O. Ramasamudram 517417
VOOLAPADU, P.O. Ramasamudram 517417
MINIKI, P.O. Miniki 517417
BAIRAJUPALLE, P.O. Chembakur 517417
KURIJALA, P.O. Kurizala 517417
NAREPALLE, P.O. Chembakur 517417
NARIGANIPALLE, P.O. Narigapalle 517417
KAMATHAMPALLE, P.O. Chembakur 517417

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