LADHEWAL Postal Code

Pincode : 144623

Pin code of LADHEWAL is 144623. This location belongs to pin code of Jallowal Madhopur post office situated in Jalandhar district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : LADHEWAL

Post Office : Jallowal Madhopur BO

Postal Code : 144623

Sub District : Kapurthala

District : Jalandhar

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 144623

Location District
Adhi Jalandhar
Jallowal Madhopur Kapurthala
Kala Sanghian Kapurthala
Khiwa Jalandhar
Nijjran Jalandhar
Rahimpur Jalandhar
Talwandi Saleem Jalandhar
Uggi Jalandhar

Nearby local areas of LADHEWAL sharing pincode 144623

Area / Village Pin Code
ALAMGIR, P.O. Kala Sanghian 144623
BANPUR, P.O. Uggi 144623
JAI RAMPUR, P.O. Kala Sanghian 144623
RAHIMPUR, P.O. Rahimpur 144623
LADHEWAL, P.O. Jallowal Madhopur 144623
NIJRAN, P.O. Nijjran 144623
SUKHANI, P.O. Kala Sanghian 144623
UGGI, P.O. Uggi 144623
BAL KOHNA, P.O. Khiwa 144623
POWAI, P.O. Nijjran 144623
TALWANDI SALEM, P.O. Talwandi Saleem 144623
CHUHAR, P.O. Talwandi Saleem 144623
GOBINDPUR, P.O. Nijjran 144623
IDA, P.O. Khiwa 144623
MIRPUR MARI, P.O. Khiwa 144623
SHAHPUR, P.O. Adhi 144623
ADDI, P.O. Adhi 144623
BANWALIPUR, P.O. Kala Sanghian 144623
MALLIAN KALAN, P.O. Talwandi Saleem 144623
MEHIHADPUR, P.O. Khiwa 144623
KHIWA, P.O. Khiwa 144623
NAWAN PIND KOTLA, P.O. Talwandi Saleem 144623
NAWAPIND, P.O. Uggi 144623
BAUPUR, P.O. Rahimpur 144623
KALASANGHIAN, P.O. Kala Sanghian 144623
JALOWAL, P.O. Jallowal Madhopur 144623
MALLIAN KHURD, P.O. Talwandi Saleem 144623
RAULI, P.O. Rahimpur 144623

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