LADAWAD Postal Code

Pincode : 465220

Pin code of LADAWAD is 465220. This location belongs to pin code of Ladavad post office situated in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : LADAWAD

Post Office : Ladavad BO

Postal Code : 465220

Sub District : Shajapur

District : Shajapur

State : Madhya Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 465220

Location District
Bolai Shajapur
Dasta Khedi Shajapur
Devla Bihar Shajapur
Ghunsi Shajapur
Gulana Shajapur
Kalisindh Shajapur
Ladavad Shajapur
Lahori Shajapur

Nearby local areas of LADAWAD sharing pincode 465220

Area / Village Pin Code
BOLAI, P.O. Bolai 465220
GINDORI, P.O. Lahori 465220
GULANA, P.O. Gulana 465220
PADLI, P.O. Kalisindh 465220
BHADA HEDI, P.O. Devla Bihar 465220
DEOLABIHAR, P.O. Kalisindh 465220
MOCHI KHEDI, P.O. Gulana 465220
SEMLI CHACHA, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
BAKSUKHEDI, P.O. Lahori 465220
BANGLI, P.O. Bolai 465220
KHANDERIYA, P.O. Gulana 465220
LAHORI, P.O. Kalisindh 465220
LAHORI, P.O. Lahori 465220
BHATKHEDI, P.O. Devla Bihar 465220
CHOUSLA MUSALMAN, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
GHATIYA KHURD, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
LADAWAD, P.O. Ladavad 465220
PADLA, P.O. Kalisindh 465220
DASTA KHEDI, P.O. Dasta Khedi 465220
GHUNSI, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
KULMAN KHEDI, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
CHHAYAN, P.O. Devla Bihar 465220
DEOLABIHAR, P.O. Devla Bihar 465220
GHANSODA, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
KHONSALA, P.O. Devla Bihar 465220
RICHHODA, P.O. Lahori 465220
SINGARCHORI, P.O. Lahori 465220
MAKHAWAD, P.O. Bolai 465220
MURADPURA, P.O. Ghunsi 465220
BADIGAON, P.O. Gulana 465220
DHATURIYA, P.O. Dasta Khedi 465220
GHUNSI, P.O. Kalisindh 465220
NITARDI, P.O. Bolai 465220
PIPLYA INDORE, P.O. Lahori 465220
RINGANIKHEDA, P.O. Lahori 465220
SHAJAPUR, P.O. Kalisindh 465220

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