Pincode : 506356

Pin code of KUNDANPALLE is 506356. This location belongs to pin code of Kundanpalli post office situated in Warangal district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : KUNDANPALLE

Post Office : Kundanpalli BO

Postal Code : 506356

Sub District : Chityal

District : Warangal

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 506356

Location District
Challagarige Warangal
Chityal Warangal
Dubyal Warangal
Empaid Warangal
Garimillapalli Warangal
Jookal Warangal
Kundanpalli Warangal
Nawabpet Warangal
Pangidipalli Warangal
Raghavareddipet Warangal
Ramakistapur Warangal
Tekumatla Warangal
Tirumalapur Warangal
Venkataraopalli Warangal

Nearby local areas of KUNDANPALLE sharing pincode 506356

Area / Village Pin Code
ANKUSHAPUR, P.O. Chityal 506356
VENKATRAOPALLE, P.O. Venkataraopalli 506356
JADALAPET, P.O. Chityal 506356
KUNDANPALLE, P.O. Kundanpalli 506356
GIDDEMUTHARAM, P.O. Garimillapalli 506356
RAMAKISTAPUR V, P.O. Ramakistapur 506356
CHITYAL, P.O. Chityal 506356
JOOKAL, P.O. Chityal 506356
PANGIDIPALLE, P.O. Pangidipalli 506356
RAGHAVAPUR, P.O. Chityal 506356
VENCHERAMI, P.O. Ramakistapur 506356
GUMMADAVELLI, P.O. Chityal 506356
NAIN PAKA, P.O. Chityal 506356
RAGHAVAPUR, P.O. Garimillapalli 506356
RAMAKISTAPUR T, P.O. Chityal 506356
RAMAKISTAPUR T, P.O. Ramakistapur 506356
VELCHAL, P.O. Ramakistapur 506356
ANKUSHAPUR, P.O. Tekumatla 506356
GARIMILLAPALLE, P.O. Garimillapalli 506356
KALVAPALLE, P.O. Garimillapalli 506356
PANGIDIPALLE, P.O. Chityal 506356
RAGHAVAREDDIPET, P.O. Raghavareddipet 506356
SOMANPALLE, P.O. Tekumatla 506356
TEKUMATTA, P.O. Chityal 506356
THIRMALAPUR, P.O. Tirumalapur 506356
BOINA PALLE, P.O. Venkataraopalli 506356
CHAIN PAKA, P.O. Chityal 506356
CHALLAGARIGE, P.O. Challagarige 506356
CHALLAGARIGE, P.O. Chityal 506356
DUBYALA, P.O. Dubyal 506356
EMPED, P.O. Chityal 506356
EMPED, P.O. Empaid 506356
JOOKAL, P.O. Jookal 506356
KUNDANPALLE, P.O. Chityal 506356
MUCHINIPARTHI, P.O. Challagarige 506356
NAVABPET, P.O. Chityal 506356
NAVABPET, P.O. Nawabpet 506356
RAMAKISTAPUR V, P.O. Chityal 506356
TEKUMATTA, P.O. Tekumatla 506356
VELLAMPALLE, P.O. Kundanpalli 506356
GARIMILLAPALLE, P.O. Chityal 506356
GUMMADAVELLI, P.O. Raghavareddipet 506356
KAILAPUR, P.O. Nawabpet 506356
KALIKOTA, P.O. Garimillapalli 506356
VENKATRAOPALLE, P.O. Chityal 506356

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