Pincode : 505187

Pin code of KOTHAPALLI is 505187. This location belongs to pin code of Isala Thakkallapalli post office situated in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : KOTHAPALLI

Post Office : Isala Thakkallapalli BO

Postal Code : 505187

Sub District : Ramagundam

District : Karimnagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505187

Location District State
Basanthnagar Karimnagar Telangana
Botlavanaparthi Karimnagar Telangana
Dongathurthi Karimnagar Telangana
Isala Thakkallapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Jayyaram Karimnagar Telangana
Kanagarthi Karimnagar Telangana
Kannal Karimnagar Telangana
Palakurthi Karimnagar Telangana
Palitham Karimnagar Telangana
Rachapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Ragineedu Karimnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of KOTHAPALLI sharing pincode 505187

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
GOPAIAHPALLI, P.O. Palitham Peddapalle 505187
CHERLAPALLI, P.O. Dongathurthi Dharmaram 505187
ESALATAKKALLAPALLE, P.O. Isala Thakkallapalli Ramagundam 505187
GUDIPALLE, P.O. Jayyaram Ramagundam 505187
RAMAIAHPALLI, P.O. Rachapalli Dharmaram 505187
YEDLAPALLI, P.O. Kanagarthi Peddapalle 505187
GOLLAPALLI, P.O. Dongathurthi Dharmaram 505187
KOTHAPALLI, P.O. Isala Thakkallapalli Ramagundam 505187
PUTNOOR, P.O. Jayyaram Ramagundam 505187
RAMAGUNDAM, P.O. Basanthnagar Ramagundam 505187
BUCHIAHAGARIPALLI, P.O. Botlavanaparthi Dharmaram 505187
DONGATHURTHY, P.O. Dongathurthi Dharmaram 505187
KANAGARTHI, P.O. Kanagarthi Peddapalle 505187
PAIDICHINTHALA PALLE, P.O. Jayyaram Dharmaram 505187
GANDHINAGAR COLONY, P.O. Jayyaram Ramagundam 505187
KANNALA, P.O. Kannal Kamanpur 505187
KASULAPALLI, P.O. Palitham Peddapalle 505187
KURMAPALLI, P.O. Ragineedu Peddapalle 505187
PALTHEM, P.O. Palitham Peddapalle 505187
RAGINEEDU, P.O. Ragineedu Peddapalle 505187
ADRIAL, P.O. Rachapalli Dharmaram 505187
BOTLAVANAPARTHY, P.O. Botlavanaparthi Dharmaram 505187
BRAMHMANAPALLI, P.O. Isala Thakkallapalli Ramagundam 505187
GURRAMPALLI, P.O. Rachapalli Dharmaram 505187
JAYYARAM, P.O. Jayyaram Ramagundam 505187
RAMANNA PET, P.O. Jayyaram Ramagundam 505187
BODAGUTTAPALLI, P.O. Kannal Kamanpur 505187
GUNDLAPALLI, P.O. Kannal Kamanpur 505187
KHANAMPALLE, P.O. Botlavanaparthi Dharmaram 505187
KHILAVANAPARTHY, P.O. Botlavanaparthi Dharmaram 505187
PALAKURTHI, P.O. Palakurthi Ramagundam 505187
PARIKAPALLI, P.O. Kanagarthi Peddapalle 505187
RACHAPALLE, P.O. Rachapalli Dharmaram 505187
CHINTALAPALLI, P.O. Rachapalli Dharmaram 505187
GUNDALAPALLI, P.O. Dongathurthi Dharmaram 505187
KAPULAPALLI, P.O. Kanagarthi Peddapalle 505187
NARSIMHULAPALLI, P.O. Botlavanaparthi Dharmaram 505187
PUTTAPALLI, P.O. Palitham Peddapalle 505187

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