YELLARAM Postal Code

Pincode : 504251

Pin code of YELLARAM is 504251. This location belongs to pin code of Janakapur post office situated in Adilabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : YELLARAM

Post Office : Janakapur BO

Postal Code : 504251

Sub District : Bhimini

District : Adilabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 504251

Location District State
Agm Colony Adilabad Telangana
Aknepalli Adilabad Telangana
Bellampalli R S Adilabad Telangana
Bellampalli Adilabad Telangana
Budakalan Adilabad Telangana
Budakurd Adilabad Telangana
Gurjal Adilabad Telangana
Jajjarvelli Adilabad Telangana
Janakapur Adilabad Telangana
Metpally Adilabad Telangana
Perkapally Adilabad Telangana
Police Colony Adilabad Telangana
Shanthi Khani Adilabad Telangana
Somagudem Coal Mines Adilabad Telangana
Wegaon Adilabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of KOTHAPALLE sharing pincode 504251

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BHIMPUR, P.O. Jajjarvelli Bhimini 504251
CHARLAPALLI, P.O. Budakalan Bellampalle 504251
METPALLE, P.O. Metpally Nennal 504251
MOTHUKU GUDEM, P.O. Budakurd Bellampalle 504251
TENUGU GUDEM, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Bellampalli Bellampalle 504251
DUBBAGUDEM, P.O. Somagudem Coal Mines Bellampalle 504251
GOLLAGUDEM, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251
GURJAL RURAL @ TALLA GURJAL, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
JANKAPUR, P.O. Janakapur Kagaznagar 504251
NAIRVAIPET, P.O. Metpally Nennal 504251
POLAMPALLE, P.O. Wegaon Bhimini 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Agm Colony Bellampalle 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Police Colony Bellampalle 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Somagudem Coal Mines Bellampalle 504251
KATHARLA, P.O. Budakurd Bellampalle 504251
PATHA BELLAMPALLI, P.O. Aknepalli Bellampalle 504251
PEDDA DUBBA, P.O. Aknepalli Bellampalle 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Shanthi Khani Bellampalle 504251
BUDHA KHURD RURAL, P.O. Budakurd Bellampalle 504251
GUNDLASOMARAM, P.O. Perkapally Nennal 504251
IPPA GUDEM, P.O. Budakurd Bellampalle 504251
JAJJARVELLY, P.O. Jajjarvelli Bhimini 504251
JANKAPUR, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251
KAJIPALLI, P.O. Wegaon Bhimini 504251
RANGAPET, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
SHIKNAM, P.O. Wegaon Bhimini 504251
AKENIPALLE, P.O. Aknepalli Bellampalle 504251
BUDHA KALAN RURAL, P.O. Budakalan Bellampalle 504251
CHITTAPUR, P.O. Metpally Nennal 504251
KANNAL RURAL, P.O. Bellampalli Bellampalle 504251
MATTAMARI GUDEM, P.O. Budakalan Bellampalle 504251
YELLARAM, P.O. Bellampalli Bhimini 504251
BELLAMPALLE, P.O. Bellampalli R S Bellampalle 504251
BUCHAIAHPALLI, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
CHARLAPALLI, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251
DAMPUR, P.O. Jajjarvelli Bhimini 504251
JEEVAPUR, P.O. Metpally Nennal 504251
KAJIPALLI, P.O. Jajjarvelli Bhimini 504251
LINGAPUR, P.O. Aknepalli Bellampalle 504251
PERKAPALLE, P.O. Perkapally Bellampalle 504251
TEKULAPALLE, P.O. Bellampalli Bhimini 504251
TEKULAPALLE, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251
VEEGAON, P.O. Wegaon Bhimini 504251
BATWANPALLE, P.O. Perkapally Bellampalle 504251
CHANDRAVELLI, P.O. Budakalan Bellampalle 504251
KOTHAPALLE, P.O. Jajjarvelli Bhimini 504251
LAMBADI THANDA, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
MALAGURJAL, P.O. Gurjal Bellampalle 504251
BUCHAIAHPALLI, P.O. Aknepalli Bellampalle 504251
CHOPPARI PALLI, P.O. Somagudem Coal Mines Bellampalle 504251
DUBBAGUDEM, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251
DUGNEPALLE, P.O. Perkapally Bellampalle 504251
LAMBADI THANDA, P.O. Somagudem Coal Mines Bellampalle 504251
YELLARAM, P.O. Janakapur Bhimini 504251

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