Pincode : 505405

Pin code of SARAMPALLE is 505405. This location belongs to pin code of Sarampalli post office situated in Karim Nagar district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : SARAMPALLE

Post Office : Sarampalli BO

Postal Code : 505405

Sub District : Sircilla

District : Karim Nagar

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 505405

Location District State
Badnapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Baswapur Karimnagar Telangana
Chinnalingapur Karimnagar Telangana
Chintalathana Karimnagar Telangana
Dacharam Karimnagar Telangana
Jillella Karimnagar Telangana
Laxmipuram Karimnagar Telangana
Mandepalli Karimnagar Telangana
Nerella Karimnagar Telangana
Peddalingapur Karimnagar Telangana
Sarampalli Karimnagar Telangana
Tadoor Karimnagar Telangana
Tangallapalli Karimnagar Telangana
Valbhapur Karimnagar Telangana

Nearby local areas of KOPPUKUNTA sharing pincode 505405

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
NARSIMHULAPALLE, P.O. Chinnalingapur Sircilla 505405
NERELLA, P.O. Nerella Sircilla 505405
PEDDALINGAPURAM, P.O. Peddalingapur Ellanthakunta 505405
TURKAPALLI, P.O. Tadoor Sircilla 505405
ANKEREDDIPALLI, P.O. Valbhapur Sircilla 505405
ANKUSPUR, P.O. Laxmipuram Sircilla 505405
RAMCHANDRAPUR, P.O. Jillella Sircilla 505405
SIRCILLA, P.O. Laxmipuram Sircilla 505405
BADNEPALLE, P.O. Badnapalli Sircilla 505405
RAMANNAPALLI, P.O. Badnapalli Sircilla 505405
THANGALLAPALLE, P.O. Tangallapalli Sircilla 505405
BALLUMALLIPALLI, P.O. Baswapur Sircilla 505405
BASWAPUR, P.O. Baswapur Sircilla 505405
MALLAPURAM, P.O. Jillella Sircilla 505405
RAMAJIPETA, P.O. Peddalingapur Ellanthakunta 505405
CHINTALTHANA, P.O. Chintalathana Sircilla 505405
ERRAGUNTAPALLI, P.O. Badnapalli Sircilla 505405
JILLELLA, P.O. Jillella Sircilla 505405
SIRIKONDA, P.O. Dacharam Bejjanki 505405
THADUR, P.O. Tadoor Sircilla 505405
DACHARAM, P.O. Dacharam Bejjanki 505405
SIRCILLA RURAL, P.O. Chinnalingapur Sircilla 505405
DESAIPALLI, P.O. Sarampalli Sircilla 505405
MANDEPALLE, P.O. Mandepalli Sircilla 505405
VALBHAPUR, P.O. Valbhapur Sircilla 505405
BADRAPALLI, P.O. Tadoor Sircilla 505405
GOPALRAOPALLI, P.O. Tadoor Sircilla 505405
KOPPUKUNTA, P.O. Peddalingapur Ellanthakunta 505405
ROLLAPET, P.O. Mandepalli Sircilla 505405
SARAMPALLE, P.O. Sarampalli Sircilla 505405

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