Pincode : 583131

Pin code of KONGANA HOSSUR is 583131. This location belongs to pin code of Nandibevoor post office situated in Davangere district of Karnataka.

Village / Locality Name : KONGANA HOSSUR

Post Office : Nandibevoor BO

Postal Code : 583131

Sub District : Harapanahalli

District : Davangere

State : Karnataka

List of post office belong to postal code 583131

Location District
Adavihalli Davangere
Bagali Davangere
Goverahalli Davangere
Harakanahalu Davangere
Harapanahalli Joshi Street Davangere
Harapanahalli Davangere
Harapanahalli Town Davangere
Hulikatti Davangere
Kanvihalli Davangere
Kulahalli Davangere
Madlagere Davangere
Nandibevoor Davangere
Togarikatti Davangere
Upparagere Davangere

Nearby local areas of KONGANA HOSSUR sharing pincode 583131

Area / Village Pin Code
ADAVIHALLI, P.O. Adavihalli 583131
HULIKATTI, P.O. Hulikatti 583131
MYALIKATTI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
TOGARIKATTI, P.O. Togarikatti 583131
ADAVIHALLI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
BAGALI, P.O. Bagali 583131
KANVIHALLI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
MADALAGERI, P.O. Madlagere 583131
TOGARIKATTI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
HARAPANAHALLI, P.O. Upparagere 583131
HARAPANAHALLI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
KAYAKADAHALLI, P.O. Kanvihalli 583131
KOMARANAHALLI, P.O. Adavihalli 583131
KONGANA HOSSUR, P.O. Nandibevoor 583131
KULAHALLI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
MADALAGERI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
SRINGARATHOTA, P.O. Kanvihalli 583131
BAGALI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
GOVERAHALLI, P.O. Goverahalli 583131
KANNAYAKANAHALLI, P.O. Hulikatti 583131
KULAHALLI, P.O. Kulahalli 583131
NANDIBEVOOR, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
HARAKANAHAL, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
HULIKATTI, P.O. Harapanahalli 583131
KANVIHALLI, P.O. Kanvihalli 583131
KODIHALLI, P.O. Kanvihalli 583131
KURAVATHI, P.O. Harakanahalu 583131
CHENNAHALLI, P.O. Harakanahalu 583131
NANDIBEVOOR, P.O. Nandibevoor 583131

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