KONAL Postal Code

Pincode : 733209

Pin code of KONAL is 733209. This location belongs to pin code of Sayedpur Bhamantali post office situated in North Dinajpur district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : KONAL

Post Office : Sayedpur Bhamantali BO

Postal Code : 733209

Sub District : Goalpokhar - II

District : North Dinajpur

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 733209

Location District
Asuragarh North Dinajpur
Bagdob North Dinajpur
Bharna North Dinajpur
Galia North Dinajpur
Hassan North Dinajpur
Hatwar North Dinajpur
Kanki North Dinajpur
Majlishpur North Dinajpur
Monora North Dinajpur
Nizampur North Dinajpur
Sayedpur Bhamantali North Dinajpur
Simalia North Dinajpur
Surjapur North Dinajpur

Nearby local areas of KONAL sharing pincode 733209

Area / Village Pin Code
ASURAGAR, P.O. Asuragarh 733209
BARAGAON, P.O. Bagdob 733209
HATWAR, P.O. Hatwar 733209
LOHAJANG, P.O. Galia 733209
MAJLISHPUR, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
NIZAMPUR, P.O. Nizampur 733209
PACHIM LAHIL, P.O. Monora 733209
SARJAPUR, P.O. Surjapur 733209
SIKAR, P.O. Asuragarh 733209
SIMULIA, P.O. Simalia 733209
AULAI, P.O. Galia 733209
BAGDOB, P.O. Bagdob 733209
BANGOAN, P.O. Bagdob 733209
BASATPUT, P.O. Kanki 733209
CHAUGHARIA, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
JALSUA, P.O. Galia 733209
PURLIA, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
SAIDPUR, P.O. Surjapur 733209
SAIDPUR BABHANTOLI, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
SASARKOL, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
SEHAR, P.O. Bagdob 733209
UTTAR NEAMATPUR, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
DEOGAON, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
KAMALPUR, P.O. Surjapur 733209
MAHARAN, P.O. Surjapur 733209
MIRJADPUR, P.O. Bagdob 733209
NAJARPUR, P.O. Monora 733209
NAYANAGAR, P.O. Kanki 733209
SHEKHPURA, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
AMRA, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
JAMIRA, P.O. Galia 733209
KONAL, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
MAHISHAKHOR, P.O. Monora 733209
MANORA, P.O. Monora 733209
PADMADARA, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
SAHASPUR, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
SATHIARA, P.O. Nizampur 733209
SUKHAR, P.O. Galia 733209
BHAGALPUR, P.O. Galia 733209
DAHUABARI, P.O. Galia 733209
DAKSHIN DUMARIA, P.O. Surjapur 733209
DANGI, P.O. Monora 733209
PURBA LAHIL, P.O. Monora 733209
SATHAUR, P.O. Bharna 733209
TITIHA, P.O. Monora 733209
BHUINDHAR, P.O. Bharna 733209
CHATHOL, P.O. Bagdob 733209
CHOUKAI, P.O. Galia 733209
DALANIA, P.O. Galia 733209
JHANGARTOLI, P.O. Galia 733209
JIBANPUR, P.O. Surjapur 733209
KANKI, P.O. Kanki 733209
MADHU SIKAR, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
MAJLISPUR, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
MANUSKOL, P.O. Surjapur 733209
NESHANDARA, P.O. Nizampur 733209
PEAZGAON, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
PURBBA KAMARSHAL, P.O. Monora 733209
RANIPUR, P.O. Hassan 733209
SUHIASANI, P.O. Monora 733209
UTTAR SIBRAMPUR, P.O. Galia 733209
DEHUTI, P.O. Sayedpur Bhamantali 733209
HATHIPAON, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
KHOKSA, P.O. Majlishpur 733209
MATIARI, P.O. Kanki 733209
SAGARPUR, P.O. Nizampur 733209
SUHIA, P.O. Kanki 733209
BINARDAHA, P.O. Bharna 733209
CHAURIA, P.O. Bagdob 733209
DALA, P.O. Hatwar 733209
FASHIA DIATION, P.O. Simalia 733209
GOALPOKHAR II, P.O. Galia 733209
HASAEN, P.O. Hassan 733209
SIMULIA, P.O. Kanki 733209

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