Pincode : 423102

Pin code of KHUNTEWADI is 423102. This location belongs to pin code of Khuntewadi post office situated in Nashik district of Maharashtra.

Village / Locality Name : KHUNTEWADI

Post Office : Khuntewadi BO

Postal Code : 423102

Sub District : Deola

District : Nashik

State : Maharashtra

List of post office belong to postal code 423102

Location District
Bhaur Nashik
Dahiwad Nashik
Devla Nashik
Kapshi Nashik
Kharde Wakhari Nashik
Khuntewadi Nashik
Malwadi Nashik
Matane Nashik
Meshi Nashik
Pimpalgaon Wakhari Nashik
Rameshwar Nashik
Wajgaon Nashik
Wakhari Nashik
Warwandi Nashik

Nearby local areas of KHUNTEWADI sharing pincode 423102

Area / Village Pin Code
HANMANTPADA, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
KAPASHI, P.O. Devla 423102
RAMESHWAR, P.O. Rameshwar 423102
WADALI WAKHARI, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
WAJGAON, P.O. Wajgaon 423102
WARSHI, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
WARWANDI, P.O. Warwandi 423102
KHADAKTALE, P.O. Meshi 423102
MALWADI, P.O. Devla 423102
MATANE, P.O. Devla 423102
SATWAICHIWADI, P.O. Malwadi 423102
SUBHASHNAGAR, P.O. Rameshwar 423102
DAHIWAD, P.O. Devla 423102
KAPASHI, P.O. Kapshi 423102
KHARDE WAKHARI, P.O. Devla 423102
KHUNTEWADI, P.O. Devla 423102
MATANE, P.O. Matane 423102
MESHI, P.O. Devla 423102
MESHI, P.O. Meshi 423102
DONGARGAON, P.O. Devla 423102
DEOLA, P.O. Devla 423102
FULEMALWADI, P.O. Malwadi 423102
KHARDE WAKHARI, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
WAJGAON, P.O. Devla 423102
BHAVADE, P.O. Kapshi 423102
DAHIWAD, P.O. Dahiwad 423102
KANCHANE, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
SHERI LOHONER, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
SHRIRAMPUR, P.O. Khuntewadi 423102
WAKHARI, P.O. Devla 423102
BHAUR, P.O. Bhaur 423102
BHAUR, P.O. Devla 423102
KHUNTEWADI, P.O. Khuntewadi 423102
MALWADI, P.O. Malwadi 423102
PIMPALGAON, P.O. Pimpalgaon Wakhari 423102
BAGADU, P.O. Bhaur 423102
BHILWAD, P.O. Kapshi 423102
KANKAPUR, P.O. Kharde Wakhari 423102
PIMPALGAON, P.O. Devla 423102
RAMESHWAR, P.O. Devla 423102
WAKHARI, P.O. Wakhari 423102

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