Pincode : 712616

Pin code of KHORDA KANPUR is 712616. This location belongs to pin code of Dahia Kanda post office situated in Hooghly district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : KHORDA KANPUR

Post Office : Dahia Kanda BO

Postal Code : 712616

Sub District : Goghat - I

District : Hooghly

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 712616

Location District
Aslahari Hooghly
Balidewanganj Hooghly
Dahia Kanda Hooghly
Damodarpur Hooghly
Dhulepur Hooghly
Kumursha Hooghly
Muktarpur Belekusma Hooghly
Radhaballavpur Hooghly
Ramnagar Mobarakpur Hooghly
Salepur Hooghly
Saora Hooghly

Nearby local areas of KHORDA KANPUR sharing pincode 712616

Area / Village Pin Code
KALAGACHHIA, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
MUKTARPUR, P.O. Muktarpur Belekusma 712616
AMDOBA, P.O. Saora 712616
DUMURPARA, P.O. Kumursha 712616
LAKSHMIPUR, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
SHYAMBATI, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
SIKIL MOBARAKPUR, P.O. Ramnagar Mobarakpur 712616
TELIGRAM, P.O. Kumursha 712616
BADLA, P.O. Kumursha 712616
BARA KUMURSA, P.O. Kumursha 712616
CHAK MAMREJ, P.O. Kumursha 712616
DIGHARA, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
KRISHNA BALLABHPUR, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
SAORA, P.O. Saora 712616
BALLABHBATI, P.O. Dahia Kanda 712616
BARAMA, P.O. Aslahari 712616
DAHIAKANDA, P.O. Dahia Kanda 712616
KANPUR, P.O. Kumursha 712616
KUMURSA, P.O. Kumursha 712616
MIRZZAPUR, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
MOBARAKPUR, P.O. Ramnagar Mobarakpur 712616
MOHANPUR, P.O. Dahia Kanda 712616
PARBBATI CHAK, P.O. Ramnagar Mobarakpur 712616
JAYKRISHNAPUR, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
JOT MAHABAT, P.O. Saora 712616
PURBBA AMARPUR, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
RADHABALLABHPUR, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
SYAMBALLABPUR, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
UDAYRAJPUR, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
AMADPUR, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
BALI, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
DAMODARPUR, P.O. Damodarpur 712616
GOLPUR, P.O. Muktarpur Belekusma 712616
KANAIPUR, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
RADHABALLABHPUR, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
BELEKUSUMA, P.O. Muktarpur Belekusma 712616
DEWAN CHAK, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
DHULEPUR, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
GOHALISANRA, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
PALPUKUR, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
PENCHERA, P.O. Radhaballavpur 712616
ANANDAPUR, P.O. Aslahari 712616
BEURGRAM, P.O. Dhulepur 712616
CHAK HARI, P.O. Kumursha 712616
KHILGRAM, P.O. Balidewanganj 712616
KHORDA KANPUR, P.O. Dahia Kanda 712616
KHORDALALUR CHAK, P.O. Ramnagar Mobarakpur 712616
LALUR CHAK, P.O. Ramnagar Mobarakpur 712616
SALEPUR, P.O. Salepur 712616

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