KHOND Postal Code

Pincode : 495552

Pin code of KHOND is 495552. This location belongs to pin code of Katnai post office situated in Janjgir Champa district of Chhattisgarh.

Village / Locality Name : KHOND

Post Office : Katnai BO

Postal Code : 495552

Sub District : Janjgir

District : Janjgir Champa

State : Chhattisgarh

List of post office belong to postal code 495552

Location District
Akaltara Bilaspur
Arjuni Janjgir Champa
Bargawan Janjgir Champa
Birkoni Janjgir Champa
Changori Janjgir Champa
Kapan Janjgir Champa
Katnai Janjgir Champa
Kotmisonar Janjgir Champa
Pandania Janjgir Champa
Piparsatti Janjgir Champa
Pondidalha Janjgir Champa
Sankar Janjgir Champa

Nearby local areas of KHOND sharing pincode 495552

Area / Village Pin Code
DHANPUR, P.O. Changori 495552
JARHAPARA, P.O. Piparsatti 495552
KATNAI, P.O. Katnai 495552
MAUHADIH, P.O. Kapan 495552
PACHARI, P.O. Katnai 495552
CHURCH, P.O. Pandania 495552
DIHPARA, P.O. Katnai 495552
FARHADA, P.O. Sankar 495552
MAHMADPUR, P.O. Bargawan 495552
PARSAHI BANA, P.O. Pandania 495552
SEWA ASHRAM, P.O. Katnai 495552
SUWARMAL, P.O. Birkoni 495552
BADE AMERI, P.O. Kotmisonar 495552
BELHA, P.O. Piparsatti 495552
CHHOTE AMERI, P.O. Kotmisonar 495552
DHORLA, P.O. Pandania 495552
JHIRIYA, P.O. Sankar 495552
KHATOLA, P.O. Bargawan 495552
LATIYA, P.O. Akaltara 495552
MARKADIH, P.O. Kapan 495552
PACHARI DALHA, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
AKALTARA, P.O. Akaltara 495552
AKALTARI PONDIDALHA, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
AMLIPALI, P.O. Changori 495552
CHANDNIYA, P.O. Pandania 495552
DARRI, P.O. Kotmisonar 495552
DEORI KATNAI, P.O. Katnai 495552
KOTGARH, P.O. Bargawan 495552
PIPARDA, P.O. Pandania 495552
SAJAPALI, P.O. Katnai 495552
SONAIDIH, P.O. Birkoni 495552
SONDIH, P.O. Changori 495552
KHAPRIDIH, P.O. Kapan 495552
LAINPARA, P.O. Pandania 495552
PONDIDALHA, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
ARJUNI, P.O. Arjuni 495552
BANA, P.O. Pandania 495552
KAPAN, P.O. Kapan 495552
KARUMAHU, P.O. Arjuni 495552
KOTMI SONAR, P.O. Kotmisonar 495552
MADHUWA, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
MANJHAPARA, P.O. Piparsatti 495552
PANDANIA, P.O. Pandania 495552
SANKAR, P.O. Sankar 495552
SARAIGUHAN, P.O. Akaltara 495552
SONADULLA, P.O. Sankar 495552
BARGAWAN, P.O. Bargawan 495552
BARPALI, P.O. Birkoni 495552
KALYANPUR, P.O. Kotmisonar 495552
KATGHARI, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
PARSAHI NALA, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
PIPARSATTI, P.O. Pondidalha 495552
RASEDA, P.O. Arjuni 495552
BAMHANI, P.O. Katnai 495552
BIRKONI, P.O. Birkoni 495552
CHANGORI, P.O. Changori 495552
KHOND, P.O. Katnai 495552
MITHMOHA, P.O. Pandania 495552
NAWAPARA, P.O. Birkoni 495552
TIWARIPARA, P.O. Piparsatti 495552

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