KHERWA Postal Code

Pincode : 814118

Pin code of KHERWA is 814118. This location belongs to pin code of Laximipur post office situated in Dumka district of Jharkhand.

Village / Locality Name : KHERWA

Post Office : Laximipur BO

Postal Code : 814118

Sub District : Mohanpur

District : Dumka

State : Jharkhand

List of post office belong to postal code 814118

Location District State
Bagjhopa Dumka Jharkhand
Baratanr Dumka Jharkhand
Basukinathdham Dumka Jharkhand
Chamrabahiar Dumka Jharkhand
Dhamnilata Dumka Jharkhand
Haripur Dumka Jharkhand
Laximipur Dumka Jharkhand
Siktia Dumka Jharkhand
Singhni Dumka Jharkhand

Nearby local areas of KHERWA sharing pincode 814118

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BAGHIA, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
CHAMARABAHIAR, P.O. Dhamnilata Jarmundi 814118
JARUADIH, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
KAJHIYA, P.O. Haripur Mohanpur 814118
KIUKKA, P.O. Haripur Jamtara 814118
LAKHANPUR, P.O. Dhamnilata Nala 814118
RAMPUR, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
SUNDAR KANALI, P.O. Siktia Sarath 814118
BAGHJHOPA, P.O. Bagjhopa Dumka 814118
BIRAJPUR, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
CHAMRABAHIAR, P.O. Chamrabahiar Jarmundi 814118
DAMGI, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
DUDHBECHA, P.O. Bagjhopa Mahagama 814118
HETHBAHIYAR, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
KARANBABIYA, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
KIROKURIYA, P.O. Bagjhopa Sundarpahari 814118
BARATANR, P.O. Baratanr Jarmundi 814118
BELATANR, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
BISUNPUR, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
HARIPUR, P.O. Haripur Dumka 814118
PHUDNISARE, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
AMTOLA, P.O. Chamrabahiar Litipara 814118
BALATHAR, P.O. Dhamnilata Jarmundi 814118
BIKLADIH, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
DULAIPAHARI, P.O. Bagjhopa Hiranpur 814118
HARIPUR, P.O. Haripur Jarmundi 814118
JARMUNDI, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
KENDBARIYA, P.O. Baratanr Karon 814118
KHAMARBAD, P.O. Siktia Karon 814118
MUCHRA, P.O. Chamrabahiar Boarijor 814118
SIKLTIA, P.O. Siktia Jama 814118
TAPSI, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
BANDABAR, P.O. Baratanr Karon 814118
HETH CHHOT BANDHA, P.O. Haripur Mohanpur 814118
KHERWA, P.O. Laximipur Mohanpur 814118
NAWADIH CHAK DOMOHANI, P.O. Siktia Sarath 814118
PIARSOL, P.O. Siktia Sarath 814118
SAMLATA, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
SIGHNI, P.O. Singhni Jarmundi 814118
SIMARGARA, P.O. Siktia Karon 814118
AMBA, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
AMBATIKAR, P.O. Bagjhopa Jama 814118
AMGACHHI, P.O. Bagjhopa Jama 814118
BABUKEDAILI, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
BARATANR, P.O. Baratanr Dumka 814118
GHORDAUR, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
HARDIPATTI, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
JARMUNDI, P.O. Dhamnilata Litipara 814118
KHAIRASOL, P.O. Siktia Ramgarh 814118
KRITANCHAK, P.O. Haripur Ranishwar 814118
KURUMTANR, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
POKHARIYA, P.O. Bagjhopa Saraiyahat 814118
RAJWARDIH, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
TATAKJORI, P.O. Siktia Karon 814118
AGUIA, P.O. Bagjhopa Jama 814118
BAGJHOPA, P.O. Bagjhopa Jama 814118
BHALBEHRI, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
DHOBARNA, P.O. Basukinathdham Jarmundi 814118
MURABARI, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
BARATANR, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
BARMASIA, P.O. Chamrabahiar Saraiyahat 814118
DHAMNI, P.O. Dhamnilata Jarmundi 814118
DUBRIKEDAILI, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
HARIPUR BAZAR, P.O. Haripur Jarmundi 814118
JHAKHIA, P.O. Dhamnilata Jarmundi 814118
LACHHMIPUR, P.O. Laximipur Jama 814118
RAKHARI, P.O. Haripur Ranishwar 814118
TELIA, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
THARHI, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118
THEKAHI, P.O. Baratanr Sarath 814118

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