Pincode : 814111

Pin code of TELAIPARA is 814111. This location belongs to pin code of Dumrchir post office situated in Pakur district of Jharkhand.

Village / Locality Name : TELAIPARA

Post Office : Dumrchir BO

Postal Code : 814111

Sub District : Amrapara

District : Pakur

State : Jharkhand

List of post office belong to postal code 814111

Location District State
Amrapara Pakur Jharkhand
Balidanga Pakur Jharkhand
Baskandri Pakur Jharkhand
Dumrchir Pakur Jharkhand
Patharghatta Pakur Jharkhand
Rajapurkolkipara Pakur Jharkhand
Rangamission Pakur Jharkhand
Salpatra Pakur Jharkhand
T Fathepur Pakur Jharkhand

Nearby local areas of KHARUTOLA sharing pincode 814111

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BALSARA CHHIT, P.O. Amrapara Mohanpur 814111
BARA SALGHATI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BARABASKO, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BARAMASIA, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
BHITKUNDI, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
CHONAPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
GAIBATHAN, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
HARISHPUR, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Maheshpur 814111
JAMUGARIA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
KAJIKEND, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
KALAJHOR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
KEPAM, P.O. Amrapara Sundarpahari 814111
KHAROKATA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
MAJURABARI, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
MAJURABARI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
MALIPARA SANTALIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
ORMO, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
PAKLO, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
PATHARGHATA, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
PINARGARIA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
PURANA KHORA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
SAHARPUR, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
SINGHDAHARIPAHAR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMJHOR, P.O. Amrapara Jama 814111
AMRAPARA BAZAR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMTOLA SANTALI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
ASANKURA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Amrapara 814111
BANSMATI, P.O. Amrapara Maheshpur 814111
BARDAHA, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
BARGACHHA, P.O. Amrapara Mohanpur 814111
BASKO SANTALI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BHORIA, P.O. Amrapara Saraiyahat 814111
CHILGOJORI, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
CHURI BEDO, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Boarijor 814111
DAGROJOLA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
DANGAPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
DHOBACHAPAR, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
DHOBARNA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
HAKIMPUR, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
KARMO, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
KHUSALDARA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
KHUTABANDH, P.O. Baskandri Jamtara 814111
LUSIO, P.O. Amrapara Palojori 814111
MAJDIHA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
MURGAWAN, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
PACHAIBERA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
PAHARIACHHOTA BASKROM, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
PAHARPUR, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
PANCHUARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
PARIARDAHA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
PATRAPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
POKHRIA, P.O. Patharghatta Amrapara 814111
RANGA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
SINGARSHI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
TETULIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
UDALBANI, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
BAMUNMARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
BENA KUNRI, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
BHATKANDAR, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
CHHOTA MALGORA, P.O. Dumrchir Litipara 814111
DUMARCHIR, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
DUMARGHATI, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
GAUSIPARTABPUR, P.O. Patharghatta Meherma 814111
HARINDUBA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Amrapara 814111
JITUKUNDI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
KHARIKASOL, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
LAKHIBAD, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
MAHALDABAR, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
PALASBANI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
SAJANIPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
TALJHARI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
TAMKI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMJHARI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMRAPARA, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
AMTOLA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BANDKOIKHURD, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BARAKHAIRAPARA, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
BHORANDIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
CHAMRA KOLI, P.O. Amrapara Pathargama 814111
CHHOTAUDALBANIPAHARI, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
CHIRUDIH, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
DURGAPUR, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
JABOJITPUR, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
KAMARDIHA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
KATHALDIH, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
KOIAPARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
LATIBARI, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
MADUI CHHOTI BANDKOI, P.O. Rangamission Amrapara 814111
MANDARDANGA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
MARIO, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
MELIJAMALI TETAL KURIYA, P.O. Amrapara Sundarpahari 814111
PACHAIBERA, P.O. Baskandri Maheshpur 814111
PAKUDIH, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
PIPARJURIA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
PUSURBHITA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
TALKHORA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
TILAIPARA, P.O. Amrapara Sundarpahari 814111
ALUBERA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMBAJORA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
ARAZI BELODIH RAGURAICHAK, P.O. Amrapara Saraiyahat 814111
BAIJANDIH, P.O. Amrapara Mohanpur 814111
CHABHI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
CHOLAPATHRA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
CHOTAKUSKUTA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
DANGAPARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
DUMARCHIRPAHAR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
GAMHARIA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
GAURIPUR CHHIT, P.O. Amrapara Barharwa 814111
GORPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
GUMAPAHARI, P.O. Amrapara Gopikandar 814111
JAMRIPAHARIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
KALKIPARA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Amrapara 814111
KASIYATARI, P.O. Patharghatta Pathargama 814111
KHAIRBANI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
KHARUTOLA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
KOCHAPANI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
KUNDAPAHARI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
MANDROSANTALI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
NIPANIA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
NUNPARA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
PARARKOLA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
RAMDEBKURI, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
TALAIPARA PAHAR, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
AMLADAHI, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
AMTOLA PAHARIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BABUIKHURA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
BARA BANDHKAI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
BARAMASIA, P.O. Patharghatta Amrapara 814111
BARAPAHAR, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
BARAPAHARPUR, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
BASKO CHHOTA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BHALUKCHUA, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
BIKRAMPUR, P.O. Amrapara Mahagama 814111
CHANDARMALI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
CHILGO, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
CHIRUDIH, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
CHULHIYA, P.O. Balidanga Mohanpur 814111
DHAWADANGAL, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
DUDHAJOR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
GOGAJOR, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
HARDASPUR, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
JAMKANDAR, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
JAMRI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
JHANJHKO, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
JITKO, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
KERMA, P.O. Rangamission Amrapara 814111
MALIPARA PAHARIA, P.O. Rangamission Amrapara 814111
NONI, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
ROLDIH, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
SINGDARI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
TALDIHKITA BARGO, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
TALJHARI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
AMIRJOLA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Amrapara 814111
AMRAPARA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Amrapara 814111
BANSMATIA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
BARAKUSKUTA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
BARMASIVA, P.O. Amrapara Nala 814111
BHELAI, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BHIRNABHAIRONAGAR, P.O. Amrapara Meherma 814111
BUNSI, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
BURHIDUBA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
CHHOTA TELOPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Litipara 814111
DHANJORI, P.O. Amrapara Maheshpur 814111
DOMANGARIA, P.O. Amrapara Pakuria 814111
DUMARIA, P.O. Rajapurkolkipara Maheshpur 814111
FAZILKHUTAHARI, P.O. Amrapara Meherma 814111
JHUNKO, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
KALIDAH, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
KUNDAMATIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
LITIPARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
MADHUBAN, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
MADHUPUR, P.O. Amrapara Meherma 814111
MAJURNACHA, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
MAKINKITA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
MALDHARA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
MARROPAHARIA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
PAKERI, P.O. Amrapara Sundarpahari 814111
PALMANDA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
RAMPUR, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
SAKALMA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
SALPATRA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
SIALPAHARI, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
TETULIA, P.O. Dumrchir Hiranpur 814111
AMBADIHA, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
AMJHARI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
AMLADAHI, P.O. Patharghatta Gopikandar 814111
AMRAPARA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
BAGHAPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111
BALIADANGA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
BANSKONDRI, P.O. Baskandri Maheshpur 814111
BARHABAD, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
BHADRADIGHI, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
BISHUNPUR, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
DHAMNICHUA, P.O. Amrapara Amrapara 814111
DIGHA, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
JAMKANALI, P.O. Salpatra Amrapara 814111
JARAKI, P.O. T Fathepur Amrapara 814111
PAKRI, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
PINDARGARIA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
PIPRA, P.O. Rangamission Gopikandar 814111
POKHRIA, P.O. Patharghatta Maheshpur 814111
SAHARI, P.O. Balidanga Maheshpur 814111
SALONATANR, P.O. Balidanga Deoghar 814111
TELAIPARA, P.O. Dumrchir Amrapara 814111

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