UMREI Postal Code

Pincode : 504312

Pin code of UMREI is 504312. This location belongs to pin code of Kosai R S post office situated in Adilabad district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : UMREI

Post Office : Kosai R S BO

Postal Code : 504312

Sub District : Talamadugu

District : Adilabad

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 504312

Location District State
Arli T Adilabad Telangana
Gonedhanora Adilabad Telangana
Jhary Adilabad Telangana
Kapparla Adilabad Telangana
Karanji Adilabad Telangana
Kosai R S Adilabad Telangana
Kuchlapur Adilabad Telangana
Lingi Adilabad Telangana
Pippalkoti Adilabad Telangana
Ruyyadi Adilabad Telangana
Sunkidi Adilabad Telangana
Talamadugu Adilabad Telangana
Tamsi Adilabad Telangana

Nearby local areas of KHAPPERLA sharing pincode 504312

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
PALASI KHURD, P.O. Kuchlapur Talamadugu 504312
SAKNAPOOR, P.O. Ruyyadi Talamadugu 504312
WADDADI, P.O. Tamsi Tamsi 504312
DORLI, P.O. Talamadugu Talamadugu 504312
PIPPALKHOTI, P.O. Pippalkoti Tamsi 504312
WADOOR, P.O. Arli T Tamsi 504312
WAMANNAGAR, P.O. Tamsi Tamsi 504312
DEHEGAON, P.O. Kosai R S Talamadugu 504312
GUBDI, P.O. Karanji Tamsi 504312
JAMDI, P.O. Kapparla Tamsi 504312
LINGI, P.O. Lingi Talamadugu 504312
ARLI T, P.O. Arli T Tamsi 504312
ATNAMGUDA, P.O. Lingi Talamadugu 504312
BELSARI RAMPUR, P.O. Gonedhanora Tamsi 504312
GOLLAGHAT, P.O. Pippalkoti Tamsi 504312
KOSAI, P.O. Kosai R S Talamadugu 504312
SHERGUDA, P.O. Jhary Talamadugu 504312
ANDERBAND, P.O. Gonedhanora Tamsi 504312
ARLI KHURD, P.O. Ruyyadi Talamadugu 504312
GIRGAON, P.O. Lingi Tamsi 504312
NIPANI, P.O. Pippalkoti Tamsi 504312
PUNAGUDA, P.O. Jhary Talamadugu 504312
RAMNAGAR, P.O. Tamsi Tamsi 504312
AMBUGAON, P.O. Lingi Tamsi 504312
ANTARGAON, P.O. Karanji Tamsi 504312
GONA, P.O. Gonedhanora Tamsi 504312
JHARI, P.O. Jhary Talamadugu 504312
KOTHUR, P.O. Talamadugu Talamadugu 504312
PALODI RAMNAGAR, P.O. Kapparla Tamsi 504312
TAMSI, P.O. Tamsi Tamsi 504312
GOMUTRI, P.O. Karanji Tamsi 504312
LACHAMPUR, P.O. Kuchlapur Talamadugu 504312
LALGADA, P.O. Kuchlapur Talamadugu 504312
RUYYADI, P.O. Ruyyadi Talamadugu 504312
TALAMADUGU, P.O. Talamadugu Talamadugu 504312
UMADAM, P.O. Sunkidi Talamadugu 504312
BANDALNAGAPUR, P.O. Kapparla Tamsi 504312
BHEEMPOOR, P.O. Gonedhanora Tamsi 504312
KAPPARDEVI, P.O. Kosai R S Talamadugu 504312
KARANJI T, P.O. Karanji Tamsi 504312
KHAPPERLA, P.O. Kapparla Tamsi 504312
KUCHALAPOOR, P.O. Kuchlapur Talamadugu 504312
SUNKIDI, P.O. Sunkidi Talamadugu 504312
UMREI, P.O. Kosai R S Talamadugu 504312

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