Pincode : 502247

Pin code of KASANPALLE is 502247. This location belongs to pin code of Chandaipet post office situated in Medak district of Telangana.

Village / Locality Name : KASANPALLE

Post Office : Chandaipet BO

Postal Code : 502247

Sub District : Chegunta

District : Medak

State : Telangana

List of post office belong to postal code 502247

Location District State
Alwal Medak Telangana
Ananthasagar Medak Telangana
Bonala Medak Telangana
Chandaipet Medak Telangana
Chepial Medak Telangana
Dommat Medak Telangana
Doulathabad Medak Telangana
Ibrahimpur Medak Telangana
Indupial Medak Telangana
Makkarajpet Medak Telangana
Surampally Medak Telangana

Nearby local areas of KASANPALLE sharing pincode 502247

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
DEEPAYAMPALLE, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
GOVINDAPUR, P.O. Bonala Chegunta 502247
IBRAHIMPUR, P.O. Ibrahimpur Chegunta 502247
LINGARAJPALLE, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
MULYAMPET, P.O. Surampally Doultabad 502247
NARSAMPET, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
RAYANCHERU THANDA, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
DOULTABAD, P.O. Makkarajpet Doultabad 502247
GAJULAPALLY, P.O. Dommat Doultabad 502247
GODUGUPALLE, P.O. Makkarajpet Doultabad 502247
INDUPIRIYAL, P.O. Makkarajpet Doultabad 502247
LINGARAJPALLE, P.O. Surampally Doultabad 502247
POLANPALLY, P.O. Chandaipet Chegunta 502247
RAMPUR THANDA, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
ALWAL, P.O. Alwal Mirdoddi 502247
CHEPIAL, P.O. Chepial Mirdoddi 502247
INDUPIRIYAL, P.O. Indupial Doultabad 502247
SHOURIPUR, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
TADKAPALLY, P.O. Chepial Mirdoddi 502247
CHANDAIPET, P.O. Chandaipet Chegunta 502247
CHEPIAL, P.O. Makkarajpet Mirdoddi 502247
GOLLAPALLE, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
KONAIPALL, P.O. Bonala Chegunta 502247
LINGUPALLE, P.O. Chepial Mirdoddi 502247
MACHANPALLE, P.O. Indupial Doultabad 502247
NARSAMPALLE, P.O. Chandaipet Chegunta 502247
RAMAPUR, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
SURAMPALLE, P.O. Makkarajpet Doultabad 502247
ULLI THIMMAIPALLE, P.O. Ananthasagar Chegunta 502247
ALWAL, P.O. Makkarajpet Mirdoddi 502247
BANJARPALLY, P.O. Ibrahimpur Chegunta 502247
DOULTABAD, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
SERIPALLE BANDARAM, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
BONAL, P.O. Bonala Chegunta 502247
GOPALPUR, P.O. Chandaipet Chegunta 502247
JETIYA THANDA, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
KARNALPALLY, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
MAKKARAJPET, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
ANANTHASAGAR, P.O. Ananthasagar Chegunta 502247
DOMMAT, P.O. Dommat Doultabad 502247
RAMAPUR, P.O. Ananthasagar Chegunta 502247
KANNARAM, P.O. Ananthasagar Chegunta 502247
KASANPALLE, P.O. Chandaipet Chegunta 502247
KONAPUR, P.O. Doulathabad Doultabad 502247
LINGAIPALLY THANDA, P.O. Indupial Doultabad 502247
MIRYAL THANDA, P.O. Makkarajpet Chegunta 502247
POSANPALLY, P.O. Bonala Chegunta 502247
RUKMAPUR, P.O. Ananthasagar Chegunta 502247
SURAMPALLE, P.O. Surampally Doultabad 502247
UPPERPALLE, P.O. Doulathabad Chegunta 502247

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