Pincode : 721222

Pin code of KAMDEBPUR is 721222. This location belongs to pin code of Kharar West Midnapore post office situated in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal.

Village / Locality Name : KAMDEBPUR

Post Office : Kharar SO West Midnapore

Postal Code : 721222

Sub District : Ghatal

District : Paschim Medinipur

State : West Bengal

List of post office belong to postal code 721222

Location District State
Agar Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Birsingha Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Dandipur Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Irpala Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Kharar West Midnapore Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Kuran Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Lakshmanpur Paschim Medinipur West Bengal
Sultanpur Paschim Medinipur West Bengal

Nearby local areas of KAMDEBPUR sharing pincode 721222

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
BIRSINGHA, P.O. Birsingha Ghatal 721222
KALISA, P.O. Irpala Ghatal 721222
LAKSHANPUR, P.O. Lakshmanpur Ghatal 721222
SHYAMSUNDARPUR, P.O. Dandipur Ghatal 721222
BEURGRAM, P.O. Irpala Chandrakona-I 721222
LAKSHIPUR, P.O. Lakshmanpur Chandrakona-I 721222
AGAR, P.O. Agar Binpur-I 721222
BALARAMPUR, P.O. Lakshmanpur Chandrakona-I 721222
KURAN, P.O. Kuran Ghatal 721222
MARICHYA, P.O. Dandipur Ghatal 721222
NARAYANCHAK, P.O. Irpala Ghatal 721222
RANJAPUR, P.O. Sultanpur Ghatal 721222
KHARAR, P.O. Kharar West Midnapore Chandrakona-I 721222
SULTANPUR, P.O. Sultanpur Ghatal 721222
AGRA, P.O. Sultanpur Chandrakona-I 721222
SHYAMCHAK, P.O. Irpala Ghatal 721222
JAYKUNDA, P.O. Irpala Ghatal 721222
SHOLA PART I, P.O. Lakshmanpur Chandrakona-I 721222
BHOBLA, P.O. Sultanpur Chandrakona-I 721222
GOPINATHPUR, P.O. Kharar West Midnapore Ghatal 721222
GURGURAPAL, P.O. Lakshmanpur Midnapore 721222
SATITETUL, P.O. Agar Chandrakona-I 721222
UDAYGANJ P, P.O. Kharar West Midnapore Ghatal 721222
BETAGRAM, P.O. Kuran Chandrakona-I 721222
DWANDBIPUR, P.O. Dandipur Ghatal 721222
ERPALA, P.O. Irpala Ghatal 721222
KAMDEBPUR, P.O. Kharar West Midnapore Ghatal 721222
KURON, P.O. Kuran Ghatal 721222
PURSHURI, P.O. Agar Chandrakona-I 721222
SULTANPUR, P.O. Sultanpur Ghatal 721222

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