Pincode : 202140

Pin code of SALEMAPUR is 202140. This location belongs to pin code of Ismailpur post office situated in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

Village / Locality Name : SALEMAPUR

Post Office : Ismailpur BO

Postal Code : 202140

Sub District : Khair

District : Aligarh

State : Uttar Pradesh

List of post office belong to postal code 202140

Location District State
Akrawat Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Andla Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Badon Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Beharipur Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Dunai Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Ismailpur Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Jiroli Dor Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Kiratpur Nimana Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Lodha Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Majupur Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Rait Aligarh Uttar Pradesh
Shikharan Aligarh Uttar Pradesh

Nearby local areas of KAKOLA sharing pincode 202140

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
HTALPUR, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
LOHARRA NAGLA BARON, P.O. Kiratpur Nimana Koil 202140
NAHRA, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
RUSTAMPUR AILAM, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
AMARPUR NAHRA, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
BHANAULI, P.O. Andla Khair 202140
DOLATPUR CIKAWTI, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
HAIVATPUR, P.O. Beharipur Khair 202140
JATANPUR CHIKAWATI, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
KADIRPUR BARAH, P.O. Majupur Khair 202140
KIRATPUR NIMANA, P.O. Kiratpur Nimana Koil 202140
SAHROI, P.O. Akrawat Khair 202140
BAROLA HAJI, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
DORPURI, P.O. Lodha Khair 202140
HARNOTI, P.O. Shikharan Koil 202140
KUNWARPUR, P.O. Majupur Khair 202140
LEKHRAJPUR, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
SHAHJAHANPUR TAJPUR, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
TAJPUR RASOOLPUR, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
ALAMPUR SUBKARA, P.O. Majupur Koil 202140
ALAMPUR SUBKARAMAFI, P.O. Majupur Koil 202140
BIHARIPUR, P.O. Lodha Khair 202140
JANHERA, P.O. Majupur Khair 202140
MANDALA, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
MOHASAN PUR, P.O. Ismailpur Khair 202140
NAMA, P.O. Dunai Iglas 202140
RUSTAMPUR NAIMABAD, P.O. Badon Koil 202140
CHAUDHANA, P.O. Andla Khair 202140
DHARMPUR, P.O. Lodha Khair 202140
GIDAURA, P.O. Majupur Iglas 202140
HIRPUR HUSSAINPUR, P.O. Badon Koil 202140
ISMAILPUR, P.O. Ismailpur Koil 202140
KHEDIYA JHALLO, P.O. Majupur Khair 202140
KIRATPUR, P.O. Kiratpur Nimana Khair 202140
MAJOOPUR SUVKARA, P.O. Majupur Iglas 202140
SHAMASPUR, P.O. Ismailpur Khair 202140
SIKHARAN, P.O. Shikharan Koil 202140
TEHRA, P.O. Andla Khair 202140
BALIPUR, P.O. Andla Khair 202140
BIJAUNA BUZURG, P.O. Shikharan Koil 202140
DUNAI, P.O. Dunai Koil 202140
HARDASPUR, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
JIROLLIDOR, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
LODHA, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
LUOSARA BISAWAN, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
PARSEHRA, P.O. Dunai Koil 202140
RUSTAMPUR AKHAN, P.O. Lodha Koil 202140
AKRAVAT, P.O. Akrawat Gabhana ** 202140
ANDALA, P.O. Andla Khair 202140
KARSUA, P.O. Dunai Koil 202140
KHERA KHUS KHABAR, P.O. Jiroli Dor Koil 202140
NAGLA FAKEERA, P.O. Lodha Iglas 202140
BARON, P.O. Badon Koil 202140
BINUPUR, P.O. Badon Koil 202140
ISMAILPUR, P.O. Ismailpur Khair 202140
KAKOLA, P.O. Beharipur Khair 202140
NAHRAULA, P.O. Ismailpur Khair 202140
RAYAT, P.O. Rait Gabhana ** 202140
SALEMAPUR, P.O. Ismailpur Khair 202140

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