Pincode : 851201

Pin code of SINGHAR SANWA is 851201. This location belongs to pin code of Sonbarsa Ghat post office situated in Khagaria district of Bihar.

Village / Locality Name : SINGHAR SANWA

Post Office : Sonbarsa Ghat BO

Postal Code : 851201

Sub District : Chautham

District : Khagaria

State : Bihar

List of post office belong to postal code 851201

Location District State
Bhutali Malpa Khagaria Bihar
Borney Khagaria Bihar
Chautham Khagaria Bihar
Kaithi Khagaria Bihar
Keshavnagar Khagaria Bihar
Kharaita Khagaria Bihar
Nawada Khagaria Bihar
Nirpur Khagaria Bihar
Paura Khagaria Bihar
Phulwaria Khagaria Bihar
Sahraun Khagaria Bihar
Saraiya Khagaria Bihar
Sonbarsa Ghat Khagaria Bihar

Nearby local areas of KAITHI sharing pincode 851201

Area / Village Sub District Pin Code
NAWADA, P.O. Nawada Chautham 851201
TELAUNCHH, P.O. Keshavnagar Chautham 851201
DIGHRI, P.O. Keshavnagar Chautham 851201
LAGMA, P.O. Chautham Chautham 851201
NIRPUR, P.O. Nirpur Chautham 851201
PIPRA, P.O. Keshavnagar Chautham 851201
ADABARI, P.O. Keshavnagar Chautham 851201
CHAUTHAM, P.O. Chautham Chautham 851201
KHARAITA, P.O. Kharaita Chautham 851201
SONBARSA GHAT, P.O. Sonbarsa Ghat Gogri 851201
AGRAHAN, P.O. Kharaita Chautham 851201
BHERIA, P.O. Keshavnagar Chautham 851201
DHAMHARA, P.O. Bhutali Malpa Chautham 851201
DHUTAULI, P.O. Bhutali Malpa Chautham 851201
PAURA, P.O. Paura Gogri 851201
PHULWARIA, P.O. Phulwaria Gogri 851201
ARNAWAN, P.O. Nawada Chautham 851201
BALTARA, P.O. Phulwaria Gogri 851201
SAHRAUN, P.O. Sahraun Gogri 851201
BORNE, P.O. Borney Chautham 851201
SARAIYA, P.O. Saraiya Gogri 851201
KAITHI, P.O. Kaithi Gogri 851201
KESHAWENAGAR, P.O. Keshavnagar Gogri 851201
MUZAFFERPUR SHAM, P.O. Paura Chautham 851201
SINGHAR SANWA, P.O. Sonbarsa Ghat Chautham 851201

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