JHAWAN Postal Code

Pincode : 144212

Pin code of JHAWAN is 144212. This location belongs to pin code of Jhawan post office situated in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab.

Village / Locality Name : JHAWAN

Post Office : Jhawan BO

Postal Code : 144212

Sub District : Dasua

District : Hoshiarpur

State : Punjab

List of post office belong to postal code 144212

Location District
Budhipind Hoshiarpur
Harsipind Hoshiarpur
Jaja Hoshiarpur
Jhawan Hoshiarpur
Kandhala Sheikhan Hoshiarpur
Kandhali Narangpur Hoshiarpur
Maseet Pal Kot Hoshiarpur
Nangal Khunga Hoshiarpur
Rajpur Gahot Hoshiarpur

Nearby local areas of JHAWAN sharing pincode 144212

Area / Village Pin Code
HARSI PIND, P.O. Harsipind 144212
JHIGLA PIND, P.O. Rajpur Gahot 144212
KANDHALA SHEIKHAN, P.O. Kandhala Sheikhan 144212
NANGAL KHUNGA, P.O. Nangal Khunga 144212
KADHALI NAURANGPUR, P.O. Budhipind 144212
MASITPAL KOT, P.O. Budhipind 144212
KANDHALI NAURANGPUR, P.O. Kandhali Narangpur 144212
NANGAL KHUNGA, P.O. Budhipind 144212
GAHOT, P.O. Rajpur Gahot 144212
JAJA, P.O. Budhipind 144212
BUDHI PIND, P.O. Budhipind 144212
CHITTOWAL, P.O. Rajpur Gahot 144212
HARSIPIND, P.O. Budhipind 144212
RAJPUR GAHOT, P.O. Budhipind 144212
KADHALA SEIKHAN, P.O. Budhipind 144212
PANDORI, P.O. Jhawan 144212
JAJA, P.O. Jaja 144212
JHAWAN, P.O. Jhawan 144212
MASIT PALKOT, P.O. Maseet Pal Kot 144212
JHAWAN, P.O. Budhipind 144212
NANGAL, P.O. Nangal Khunga 144212
NANGAL KANUNGOAN, P.O. Nangal Khunga 144212

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